Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Than Hemming

I've been working on this dress on and off for two days.

I knew when I bought it from the lovely Erin at Oh So Lovely that I wanted to shorten it significantly. I've had my eye out for a long sleeve vintage dress for a little while now. And I didn't want to buy anything 70's or 80's. This cute 50's housedress was just want I wanted.
The only problem was that I felt very dowdy in it with the long sleeves and the mid-length skirt. Flaunting a little skin was in order.

These two photos were my inspiration:

So I took the plunge and hemmed the skirt. This, of course, involved cutting off a portion of the existing hem. 

I was left with such a wide piece of fabric once the hemming was finished I got to thinking about what I could do with it. I thought about what the dress was missing. The original belt was missing, but with the pattern being so busy I wasn't sure I missed it so much. I got to thinking that it was a terrible shame that this cute dress didn't have I thought I would sew some in!

I have never, ever sewn pockets into anything before. I figured it couldn't be too hard. And with a quick phone call to my Mom for some advice mid-way through my project I got the pockets all sewn in in one evening! I'm so proud of myself!

So here's how she looks now: 

It's getting dark so early here right now. It's getting tricky to find time to take photos in good light! Ugh!

Blue 50's Housedress: Oh So Lovely
Aqua Belt: Thrifted
Navy Tights: Wonderbra (@ Walmart)
Sweater Clip worn at Brooch: Vintage Glory
Grey Mary Janes: Aldo

So cute don't you think?

Stay Tuned tomorrow for a step-by-step on how I inserted the pockets. 


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  1. Oooh, nice! I like both the model and the fabric!


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