Saturday, April 23, 2011

Travelling Wardrobes

As a teenager I was obssessed with magazine spreads that depicted co-ordinated wardrobes for travelling.

As an adult I relish the opportunity to put that obssession to good use.

As you may remember, I am flying to Ottawa tomorrow evening. I have spent many hours in the past few weeks pondering what I might bring with me to wear.
It takes very careful thought. Being a typical woman, my impulse is to pack every item and shoe in my wardrobe so I am properly prepared for any occasion.
Experience has taught me that careful planning can avoid over packing.

For this trip I've planned a cute wardrobe with a nautical theme.

As you can see I've not packed any vintage clothing, just jewelry. I tend not to bring it with me when I fly as I would be terribly heartbroken if my luggage got lost and on this particular trip my carry on luggage is full of work paraphernalia.

As you can see I've got many mix and match options available to me and everything co-ordinates beautifully.

Stay Tuned! I won't me MIA next week. I've got my laptop and camera in tow, a loose itinerary planned around work and I hope to post at least twice during my trip and I will definatly catch you up on all the good details missed once I'm home.


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  1. I love that you had that many options for your nautical theme!! That dress is so beyond adorable btw.

    Have a great trip :)


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