Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Family Photos

My great-great grandfather was an avid photographer. As a result, my family has a very large collection of family photos from the 1880's to 1940's. They are beautiful.

When my grandparents passed away my Mom inherited these pictures. And today she passed them on to me!!

I spent most of the afternoon pouring over them. The history, the outfits, the patina...they are incredible!

This is just some of the photos! There are more!

My great-great grandfather A.J. Cotton was instrumental in settling the Swan River Valley in Manitoba. There have been books written about him and if you're Canadian you'll know about the "Part of Our Heritage" commercials. Well there was one made about him. He was called the Wheat King. So neat.

The barn in the photo above is still standing. My family does not own the farm anymore, but it's still there!
EDIT: My Mom called me this morning and informed me that this farm *does* still belong to our family! My great Uncle John owns the land. It is another family barn that was built in 1921 (I have photos of it too!) that has been sold. So there you have it. Thanks Mom!

My plan is to scan some of my favorite photos and share them with you. Stay Tuned!



  1. These are absolute perfection.
    My great grandma actually sent me a package of old photos, and I loved sitting down and going through them.. to think of our relatives posing and then reviewing the pictures, grimacing at facial expressions,etc!!

  2. those pictures are so cool! I can't wait to see more that you post

  3. I love old photos.

    After my Dad died, I took most of the old photos he had gotten from his Mother(my Grandma). I think the photos are a wonderful way to see the history of a family, and history in general.

    Can't wait to see what you decide to share with us!


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