Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello, My name is Lisa and I'm a Shop-aholic

Yes, I've been at it again. Spring makes me shop. I do it every year without fail. The spree will die down by June. It always does...

I've bought some more fabulous dresses in the last few weeks. I can't wait to wear them!!

Notice me holding the back of the dress so it appears to fit me!
I bought this lovely 50's dress at Ruby Slipper. It's a little big at the moment. I'll have it taken in. I just couldn't resist the cute crosshatch gingham-like fabric and knife pleat skirt. Plus, it still has it's original matching belt!

I lucked out with this one and bought it at Value Village. It was by no means a deal at $20 and needssome dry-cleaning, but it fits and the fabric is just gorgeous! The photos do not do this fabric justice. I want to call it sharkskin as it is two toned gold and green, but I'm just not quite sure if it actually is. Nonetheless, this dress is stunning (Betty Draper anyone?) and I'm praying for a formal event in my future so I can wear it.

This is another VV find. Perfect for hot summer days, espadrilles and a jean jacket in the evening. Love the border print.

This lovely set is from Vintage Glory (cue angel choir! Aaahh!!) It's from the same estate as the dresses I showed you here. That woman and I are sartorial soul mates. She has great taste!! Can't wait to wear this dress. And the bolero will be so cute with jeans and a tee.

Two more, non dress items:

Lovely 60's/70's's does 20's cloche fedora. It's in great shape. I've already worn it out a few times.

And, 70's suede shoes. So not my style. Too awesome to leave at Value Village. They do fit me. Who knows. Maybe I'll wear them.

So there it is folks. More stuff in my closet. Maybe it's time for an intervention. Or to set up my own shop somewhere! Haha!



  1. $20 is not a deal for that dress? Where I live it would probably be $200 at a thrift shop. It's gorgeous. I love the bow on the back. The gathered shelf bust dress and bolero make me swoon a bit. They're so pretty.

  2. Winnipeg is a thrifty town.
    I've never paid more than $90 for any of my vintage dresses. I guess I forget how spoiled I am here. That also being said 40's & 50's vintage items are not really that hot here for day to day wear. Most people I know are into 70's 80's vintage.
    Lucky for me!

  3. o my word lisa! that second dress made me choke on bran flakes!! i may need to touch that fabric at some point :)

  4. You look STUNNING in the set from Vintage Glory! You are the best advertisement for them, I need to go!

  5. Lisa, I think folks love the 40s and 50s vintage here in the peg too, it's just people were much smaller back then and it's hard to find anything decent over a size 10!
    and yes lots of 70s 80s in the vintage shops here!

  6. ~J~ - Thank you! You should go! Doug has the best vintage in town!

    Periwinkle - great point, it is very difficult to find vintage in a size 10 or larger. I'm very lucky, I'm a modern size 4-6 which is a vintage size 12. this makes finding older dresses easier.


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