Thursday, June 17, 2010

Words, words, words (oh yeah, and Wine...)

A couple weeks ago I was asked to take part in a fundraiser called Wine & Words for my former theatre company. Wine and appetizers were served and local actors and local celebrities read excerpts of new works from Canadian writers and playwrights.
It was so stormy that night! The rain just wouldn't stop! But there was a great turnout nonetheless! That's Winnipegers for you! We'll go to work in a blizzard, a little rain won't stop us from going out either! haha!
It was a great evening! I had such a good time I brought my camera and forgot to take pictures. There were just too many familiar faces I hadn't seen in so long. I had a lot of catching up to do!
Anyway, luckly I have a friend who is always taking pictures. So he just sent me his the other day.

Here's part of the crowd enjoying one of the readers (can you spot me in the front row with my cream hat on?)

Here is me reading. (I took off my hat to read so people could see my face).

Once the night wound down, there were still opened bottles of wine to be finished off. Me and a few other stragglers helped with that chore. Then we were off to a friends house to continue with the festivities! I think we were singing a Beatles song at this point. Well I was laughing. Everyone else was singing.

I think this was taken at about 3am. So I figure I'm looking not so bad! haha! Actually I look pretty tired...

This is the closest thing to an outfit shot for the night. Minus purse and shoes. I really love the combination of greys, cream and nude.

60's Cream Cloche with Feather and Tulle: Thrifted
50's Pearl and Rhinestone Bow Necklace: Ragpickers 
Vintage Lace and Satin Camisole: Thifted
Grey Cotton Jersey Dress: Forever 21
Knee Socks: Joe
(Unseen) Two Tones Cream T-Strap Shoes: Ragpickers
Leather Shoulder Bag with Metal Detail: Ragpickers

Happy Thursday!


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