Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Bedtime Snack

I just love summer. Although it has been rainy and a little cold here in Winnipeg I can still pretend it's warmer than it is because of all the beautiful fruit that is in season!

I went grocery shopping tonight and I couldn't wait to get home and wash the raspberries and cherries I bought. Aren't they just gorgeous?!

Enamel Colander is vintage from my Grandma!

So for a bedtime snack I had raspberries and cream with handful of almonds. (oh! and a few cherries of course!) YUM!

Pink vintage bowl was bought at Value Village (I have 3 more just like it!). Can you see my reflection in the spoon? haha!

What do you eat for your bedtime snack? Or tell me what your favorite bedtime snack was when you were little!


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