Monday, June 7, 2010

I Wish My Hair Was Longer!

Ok, so the title of this post is a little random, but after looking at the photos from the day it is glaringly obvious to me that my hair looked better in my mind than it did in real life. My pony tail is just a little stumpy and spikey looking for my liking. I was trying to replicate this hairstyle from LisaFreemontStreet. I guess I did pretty's really just the length that bugs me...
Oh'll grow.

Anyway...thank you for listening to my vanity related rambling..back to the post.

I have Mondays off, so this afternoon my brother and I headed downtown to The Forks Market. We sat on a patio, had a drink and went for a walk to the Legistlative Building. It was gorgeous out today!

 On top of the lookout at The Forks Market.

 You wish you could ride the lion...I know you do...

 We saw this spikey little catipillar while we were taking photos.

I also enjoyed this mushroom patch. I just had to take a picture!

White Flower: Claires
Sunglasses, Blouse, Skirt: Ricki's
Wicker Purse: Vintage
White Peep Toe Wedges: Damita K 


Oh!! I almost forgot to tell you! I bought an amazing vintage pillbox hat at Johnson Terminal Antique this afternoon! I couldn't resist it! The sequin, the bright pink flower! The velvet bow! Now I just need somewhere to wear it! There were other great vintage clothes there too....I may have to go back on the weekend. There was another navy hat that I'm sure had my name on it...
Sorry for the mediocre picture, it's getting kinda dark out get the idea...

I'm sure glad I got to spend some time outside today, it lookes like it might rain right now. The sky is all clouded over. The weather channel is calling for rain tomorrow. Yuck.

Well I hope you all had a great weekend! I'm back to work tomorrow. 



  1. Cute outfit!

  2. What a cute outfit for a day out! And your hair is so cute, you have nothing to worry about! But I do know the feeling of being in the "awkward" stage of growing your hair out- hang in there!! Love the vintage hat too. Can't wait to see the outfit to go with it! :)


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