Saturday, March 9, 2013

Outfits: Good to be Home

I'm home this weekend! It feels so good to sleep in my own bed and relax in my own house. :)

Most folks might lay around in sweats on their weekend off, but after almost 5 weeks of jeans and t-shirts all I want to do is put on a skirt and heels. So I got dolled up to run some errands this afternoon! In fact, I felt so good in this outfit I wore it for the rest of the evening while I did some laundry and cooked dinner!

I was inspired today by my friend Jessica over at Chronically Vintage to take my outfit photos in a different spot in my house. What do  you think?

Short Sleeve Grey Cashmere Sweater: Club Monoco - thrifted
Black Flower Brooch: Ricki's
70's Wool Plaid Skirt: thrifted
Brown Leather Skinny Belt w/Brass Bow Buckle: Forever 21
Black Tights: Ricki's
Black Suede Mary Janes: Forever 21



  1. Awww, I'm super touched to know that my snaps helped inspire you to try shooting elsewhere in your home. This location is terrific! It looks like you get a really decent amount in that spot (lucky!).

    This outfit is so wonderfully pretty! You look fabulous! I just love the classic combo of grey and red together, especially in a lovely a-line plaid skirt like this. How cute is that belt? Goodness, it sure is sweet!

    ♥ Jessica


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