Thursday, March 28, 2013

Well Overdue...

Remember this ancient post from two years ago where I proclaimed that I would be getting prescription lenses put into my Grandmother's old glasses? 

Well...almost two years later I finally did it. And I keep asking myself why I waited so long...

Ah well, better late than never I guess.

These cuties add instant vintage flair to any outfit in .25 seconds. Bam! Vintage. Just like that. 
I'm just grubbin' around the house today and look how cute these glasses make me look! Love 'em!

I think my poor eyeballs will be getting a much deserved break from my contacts now. 

For those of you who live in and around Winnipeg, I got them done at Osborne Spectacle Centre (204.477.1636)

It cost me $149 and it took less than two days for them to put my prescription in the lenses. A lovely gentleman with a serious passion for vintage specs named Ken helped me. 



  1. They are cool and they really suit you!

  2. soooo good to know! I usually get my glasses from superstore but have been wondering about getting lenses for vintage frames. I may have to source some now and get this done:) Yours look AMAZING I love the leaf/metallic details, you should give your contacts a break.

  3. They are seriously fantastic! Oh my word, you look incredible in these vintage specs. Both of my grandmas are glasses wearers too, but (and, yes, I've asked point blank :) ) neither held onto their specs from the 40s or 50s (though my paternal grandma does have a darling pair of child's size wire rim frames from when she was a little girl).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. these glasses are totally amazing. i think these are the most beautiful ones i've ever seen. they suit you perfectly!!!

  5. Unbelievably darling! I love that they were your grandmothers and you look perfect in them. I'm a bit jealous!


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