Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Outfit Roundup

It's that time of year again! Time to look back on all the outfits from the last 356 days...or at least the ones I managed to photograph...I'm pretty sure I remembered to wear clothes on the days I didn't document too! ;)

January was all about work, so I looked like this almost every day. 

I love this outfit! Although, I have to admit that there is very little that is comfortable about high waisted jeans..please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way..

Another work outfit, trying to change it up with some tights and shorts.

My favourite $1 dress from Gimli. 

And the first appearance of my favourite purse! By the looks of these pictures you'd think I don't use any other one! Some days I do...

I really love this outfit. I should wear it again. 

And dresses! June was suddenly warm this year and I spent much of the summer in dresses. Makes me a little sad cause it's so cold outside right now..

You get two for June too. 

And a change of location for my birthday dress. This one was taken out at the lake. 

And after I cut my own bangs this year! Looking at these pictures makes me want to do it again! 

Love this dress! And I love wearing it with yellow...I think it's a little unexpected..

I adore this outfit! I really do! It's all about the hat. Nothing makes an outfit like a good hat..

I couldn't decided which one to choose for September either. As you can see the weather was a bit back and forth, so I was still able to get away with spaghetti straps until almost October. 

I wore this on the very last day of summer. We had one gloriously warm day in October and this is what I wore. 

And by far, one of my favourite outfits of the year. My new leopard print skinny jeans and vintage Persian lamb coat. 

And that's it! No December this year people. I took an unexpected blog break and only posted once!

So if you remember from a year ago (I didn't, I had to go back and read the post. So feel free to do the same! lol!), I ended 2011's Outfit Roundup by saying that I was only just becoming comfortable with my eclectic vintage style. So I'd like to end this year by saying I've left "becoming comfortable" in the dust and have arrived at "totally embraced" my eclectic vintage style! 
There is nothing better than getting dressed in the morning and throwing all the rules out the window!

Here's to 2013!



  1. Fabulous round up I can't wait for you to post more outfit posts. I adore your favorite purse and that green blazer/jacket. September(2) and November are my favorite looks. You mix vintage and new items so lovely:) keep it up for 2013.

    1. Thanks Daphne! It's always fun to look back on the me some inspiration and reminds me of outfits I've forgotten about!
      Happy New Year!


  2. Awesome year end roundup! You really have such a marvelous sense of style. I've adored your outfits from the first moment I landed here and can't wait to see all the fantastic ensembles you've got in the works for 2013!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Love November and both of September's outfits! As always Lisa, you looked great all year long!


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