Sunday, March 11, 2012

Show and Tell: 1940's Rayon Crepe and Velvet Cocktail Dress

This is another beauty from my collection. Unlike many of my other pieces this one is in less than stellar condition. There are a number of split seams, the velvet appliqué has seen better days and there is some staining and fading on the skirt.
Nevertheless I think it is a stunning dress. I guess I see what it once was, not so much the state that it is in now.
I have never attempted to clean or repair it. Maybe because it is too big for me, so there has never been a need to have it in wearable condition. That, and I fear attempting to clean and repair it improperly would damage it further. Pretty soon it's going to be an antique!

There is something so beautiful about the colour combination of this dress that I love so much.

I just love the two pleats on the sleeve. It's details like this that make me love vintage so much!

And as always, the interior construction.

The staining and fading is really pronounced when you turn the dress inside-out.

This dress was given to me by a friend in university. Her mother was going to throw it and another dress out. She brought them to school and gave them to me. I'll show you the other dress one day!


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