Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back to Normal

The craziness is over. Last night The Fighting Days closed and we had an awesome closing night party afterwards in the green room. For the moment, double duty is officially over. It was a long week.

I've got the day off, The Boy and Dave are out at the lake ice fishing and I've spent the morning watching movies on tv, catching up on the phone with my family and drinking coffee. It's been wonderful!

So as a little send-off to The Fighting Days I thought I would share this video I found the other day which interviews the director and designer. It's a great video with some fun behind the scene shots and it outlines a little of what we do in rehearsal and how a play comes to take life on the stage (if you watch closely you might catch my back in the background of one of the shots! It's quick!):

And share a few photos I took yesterday in my dressing room.

Where I did my hair and make-up:

And the only shot I could manage to get of my costume:

That apron is not part of my costume. It's my Assistant Stage Management apron. I wear it backstage. It holds all of the supplies I need when working. I have every thing at hand no matter where I am backstage. 

Thanks for bearing with me last week! I'm glad that things are getting back to normal. A girl can only work around the clock for so long. 



  1. That's such a cool costume I love the button thing! x

  2. I loev you and your style!!!

    i'm new follower

  3. Imagine the costume blouse in white lawn with the buttons all the way down the front and you have the bodice of my wedding dress in 1968! Pretty.


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