Monday, March 26, 2012

Show and Tell: Early 50's Lace Cocktail Dress

It's time for more Show and Tell!

I found this beauty hidden among the modern dresses at Value Village. This particular Value Village has a vintage section which is filled with over priced polyester. Whoever did the pricing did not know what this dress was! Lucky me!

This is another one which does not fit me. I bought it because a) I couldn't resist the colour b) I love a good find at V.V. and c) It's in amazing condition.
It's not too big, I suppose I could always have it taken it...but for now I just enjoy owning it.

The skirt has this beautiful short train on the back. It's very subtle, but it gives the skirt a little extra volume.

There was never a belt for this dress. It has a metal side zipper and for some reason I find the small hook at the waist wonderful. It's just a small detail that makes the dress look sleeker on the wearer.

See? Here's the price tag still on it. lol! Amazing price right? 

And the interior construction.

And for some strange reason I find such great pleasure in the tidy construction of the interior of the zipper.

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  1. Which Value village did you find this at?

  2. Rachel - this one was from the Pembina V.V.

    I've found treasures like this at almost all the V.V.'s in Winnipeg. Except always seemed to be picked over no matter when I go.



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