Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little Decorating Update

Don't you get so excited when you put another piece of the puzzle together? That's how I'm feeling this week about my living room. It's another small step towards decorating harmony.

After 2 years, I finally hung pictures! As you know, I've had these frames sitting on the floor in my living room for ages:

I haven't really been sure what to do with them. Lots of ideas have drifted through my brain, but none really stuck or seemed right. I also wanted to keep costs down. I don't think big impact needs big dollar signs behind it.
Inspiration struck as I was sorting through my black and white family photos again recently. Why not frame some of the photos? But they are too small for my big frames. And I didn't want to spend money blowing them up. So I used scraps of leftover fabric to use as a matte and used some low tack tape to fix the photos to the fabric.

Voila! Art with impact, meaning and colour! Win, win, win!!

And the best part is that none of this is permanent. Switching out the fabric or the photos is as easy as taking down the frame and opening it up. Love it.

I missed having art hung. This is really feels like a huge step in completing the living room.

I've also got this collection to hang yet. I'm just not sure where they'll live.

I did have a miss in the living room this week though. I bought a cute table for $30 and thought it would be a perfect inexpensive alternative to this one from IKEA that I love:

Here it is:

But as you can see it's a little short. It's actually meant to be outdoors, but who would have known? I'm torn at the moment whether to keep it for another room or to return it. I really do love it still and feel like it could have a home somewhere in the house down the road (I'm a bit of a furniture hoarder).

Once again, the decorating bug has bit me hard and I'm obssessed. I think I'm gonna paint something next...but what to paint...


(Sorry for being MIA this week folks! I've been trying to post all week, but Blogger has been giving me some issues uploading photos!)


  1. WOW ur living room looks great! I am pretty jealous of how well it has come together.

  2. Desini - thanks! It's been a long process and a labour of love. All of my decorating effort has gone into this room and the dining room. They're very close to completion. I'm excited! Nothing else in my house is decorated! lol! One room at a time I say.



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