Sunday, May 1, 2011

Homeward Bound!

I've checked out of my room, had breakfast and went to Ottawa's Museum of Nature. Now I'm sitting in the lobby lounge waiting for our shuttle to the airport. I can't wait to go home!

Museum of Nature

Ottawa is a beautiful city. I really wish I had had more time to explore and be a tourist.

Main Pariliament Building & Peace Tower

We had a great closing show last night. It was a wonderful way to end the run.

View from behind the set in our theatre. I call the show from the booth up there.

Really the worst part about going home is leaving the awesome weather here. It's +20 Celcius in Ottawa and in Winnpeg there was snow yesterday. I just hope my flight won't be delayed due to weather. Sleeping in my own bed will be pretty great though. I can't wait to see The Boy and Dave.

And because this is a fashion blog. Here's what I wore yesterday.


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