Friday, February 25, 2011

Here's What I Bought

Wednesday is currently ranking pretty high on the unofficial "Best Vintage Shopping Trip Ever" list.

For just over $100 I bought the following:

A set of small green ceramic dishes from Goodwill ($6 for the pair). I am addicted to painted ceramic dishes. (Or coloured glasswear! This addiction is hereditary. I get it from my mother) This addiction is also hightened if the dish happens to be green. I couldn't resist these guys. And I don't even know what I'll do with them yet.

I bought this stuff at Salvation Army.
Two blouses. Same blouse. Different colour ($3 each). Love the peter pan collar and the pintuck pleats in the front (please take note: more green). I can't wait to wear these tucked into a cute skirt this summer.

Banana Republic Camel Trench Coat ($20). I've had my eye out for something like this for quite some time. This is just perfect. And I love the colour. Plus, who can resist a great label at an awesome price? It's in great condition. Looks like new!

Couldn't resist this little cloth clutch ($2). I just love the closure on it.

I'm wearing this neat watch brooch today ($5). I'm hoping I can get the watch to work. I plan on taking it to a jeweler to get it cleaned and looked at. I'm totally enamoured with it.

I bought these dresses at Vintage Glory.
They made my day. Seriously. We walked in, Doug the owner was in and we exchanged hellos. He then told me he had been to an estate sale on the weekend where the entire second floor was like walking through a time machine into the 40's and he had dresses. Lots of dresses.
Then he let me into the backroom to see all of the stock he had bought at the estate sale before it hit the floor! Eee!! So good!

Pink 40's Sheath Dress with Matching Belt ($20).

Doug told me that the woman's husband was a tailor. Most of the dresses were hand made. They were/are just gorgeous. I tried on a few more dresses, but these ones spoke to me. I had to take them home.

50's House Dress with Patch Pockets ($20). I just love a good cotton summer dress. This print is just too sweet.

Navy 40's Sailor Style Dress and Matching Jacket ($30)

Not bad for $109 huh? I would have ended up with WAY less had I spent that at the mall. Plus, no one will be wearing the same thing as me!

Hello my name is Lisa and I'm a vintage addicted.


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