Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goodwill is my Favorite Thrift Store

I made another little trip to the Goodwill in my part of town a few days ago. And as you might guess, I brought home some goodies!

This belt was $1.50. I'm not wild about the back of the belt (it's in rough shape), but the sequin front is great! And it's in good shape. I can imagine this as a flapper headband, or even as a belt on a black dress with the rope replaced with something else.

The handle on this patent clutch kept me from leaving it at the store. It's just so cool and unique!

But by far the best thing(s) I brought home were these kitchen canisters. I've always wanted a set like this. I am constantly on the lookout for a nice set of vintage canisters. They always seem to be missing one from the set or they're dented or they smell funny or any other number of issues.
But this week these beauties were waiting for me! I've already got them all cleaned up and filled!

They're practically perfect! I'm just so excited to have found them! And for a mere $4.40!! For the set!

Plus the pinky copper on the tops look so great with my kitchen table.

And that's why Goodwill is my favorite thrift store! Happy Sunday!



  1. Oohhh! Color me jealous about those canisters!

    Some great finds there!


  2. Those canisters are amazing, good job finding those!


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