Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wishlist: Printed Full Skirt

Ok. I know I already own a few of these. But none of them are quite as fabulous as these ones. I am seriously lusting after these skirts right now.

50's TACHI CASTILLO Mexican Birds Circle Skirt still for sale here!

Are you as in love with Posh Girl Vintage as I am? I spend hours looking at their site.  The next three beauties are for sale there right now!

60's Norman Norell Designer Polka Dot Skirt

40's Hawaiian Circle Skirt

This last one is my favorite. I just can't resist anything green.

60's Polka Dot Pleated Curly Hem Full Skirt

Anything you're lusting after at the moment? Especially since spring is right around the corner!! I actually wore a spring coat today!!


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  1. Ooo, the last one is my favourite too! But they are all very lovely skirts.


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