Thursday, November 25, 2010

Outfits: Cute Winter Dressing, Vintage Style

I am constantly on the search for cute, warm, vintage-y looks for winter on the internet. I'm not gonna lie, it's usually tough! Winter in a lot of places just isn't as cold as Winnipeg, so many looks just fall short. Bare legs is not an option! And boots are usually a must.

This is what I wore to work and out to run a few errands afterwards on Tuesday.

It's still "warm" here right now (at -15 degrees celcius) for winter at least, so I wore a lighter coat on Tuesday. I wouldn't dream of wearing this coat in January, but for now it's just right!

Vintage Earrings: Ragpickers
Leopard Print Scarf: Ricki's
Black 40s Style Trench: Stop Staring!
Velvet Blazer: Ragpickers
Purple Flower Brooch: Ricki's
Cream Bow Tee: Joe
Black Satin Belt: Le Chateau
Green 40's Skirt: Ragpickers
Tights: Ricki's
Black Knee High Boots: Le Chateau
Houndstooth Purse: Aldo

As you can see, layers are a real must here in the winter.

You can also see a little of my living room progression here. I sewed both of those pillows on the couch! You can also see my new picture frames leaning against the wall in the corner. I'm printing black and white photos of me, The Boy and Dave to put in them before we hang them on the wall. I bought some new living room lamps. You can see one hiding on the bottom shelf of the end table. Speaking of which, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect side table. I know it's out there somewhere!!



  1. Your coat and layers look lovely, but -15c is 'warm' for where you are? Blimey! Here in London it is 2c and I was so cold when I dashed out at lunchtime! *sends scarves your way*

  2. It is infuriating lokoing at pictures of all the Californian girls still in skirts and bare legs isn't it. I'm in London too, and though it isn't as cold as where you are I am still bundling up in scarves, coat and hat every day.

  3. Vintage (and vintage inspired) outerwear is sooooo good! You look fantastic... and warm!


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