Sunday, November 28, 2010

Inspiration: Wintry Outfits

My last outfit post got me thinking about some of the photos I've got saved on my computer. Here are some photos that have been inspiring my dressing these days:

This photo is from calivintage. I think it's the combination of the delicate blouse paired with a vintage fur collar that I love so much. Open toed shoes are out though. I would need to add boots to this outfit and a blazer or sweater for warmth. But overall this is on the right track for me!!

For the life of me I can't remember where I found this photo! Help me out if you know where I got it! EDIT: Elina helped me out with this one! She suggested it's from Hell LOOKS and she's so right! Thanks Elina!!As you can see, I'm a little obsessed with fur collars right now. I love the belted jacket and I totally want a purse like that! Again, bare ankles is out of the question, but a pair of taller boots would be my solution.

This outfit is just adorable!! This photo came from here. I'm not so sure about the flats, but I suppose if I were guaranteed to be somewhere where I might not find myself ankle deep in snow it might do. Again, please note the fur around her neck! Obsessed I tell you!

I couldn't resist a few photos of Dita. I just love this dress. I would be adding tights to this outfit for sure!

Another Dita outfit I would add tights to. You see why I like my leapoard print scarf so much! So Chic!

Carrie: another one of my major fashion influences. I just love her outfits in season 6. Particularly when she's in Paris. This outfit would also need tights to be worn in Winnipeg. I wouldn't be strolling around with my coat unbuttoned either, but I do love the bustier, skirt and boots. I would add a cardigan or blazer for sure.

This is just perfect for Winnipeg winters! I'll take it! Mitts, cute hat, great coat! Sigh.

Hope you enjoyed this little feast for the eyes! I did! I'll for sure be showing you more of my attempts to look cute with a vintage twist this winter.



  1. I think the second photo is from Seems familiar to me and there's a name of a Finnish company on the wall.

    Elina from Finland (who recently wrote about fur hats - it's freezing here!)

  2. Love your inspirational looks! SJP is one of my biggest inspiration too. Check my blog when you have a chance.


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