Sunday, November 21, 2010

Outfits: 60's Teal Cocktail Dress

Last night was the Christmas party for Urban Barn (my place of work!). We booked a room at Chop and had a fabulous dinner followed by a little dancing!
It was a lot of fun! The head buyer flew out to join us at the party which was awesome!

But most importantly, here's what I wore:

This is my friend Russel who the the Store Admin at another location (Russel trained me when I got my Admin job at UB!). Notice we're both wearing silver shoes! We were a pair last night!

My setting lotion worked really well! I cooked it up on the stove in the afternoon and let it cool. When I set my hair I spritzed it on lightly before I pincurled the bottom of my hair under my ears (all of my hair generally curls well, except the bottom so a wet set is usually the best bet for staying power!) then I curled the rest of my hair with Hot Sticks. It worked great! My hair had beautiful shine and I didn't have to use a bunch of hairspray to get it to stay in place! I'll use it again for sure!

Flower Brooch (worn as facinator): Ricki's
60's Teal Cocktail Dress: Vintage Glory
Seafoam Snowflake Crinoline (unseen): Gifted
White Stretch Belt: Le Chateau
Vintage Pearl Bracelet: was The Boy's Great Aunt Mary's
Silver Peep Toe Shes: JLo



  1. You look great, that dress is fabulous! :)

  2. What a beautiful dress - it complements your colouring so well (and I love the matching silver shoes!)


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