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Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: Rhymes with Orange

Rhymes with Orange 223 McDermot Ave

**** out of 5

This review is long overdue. Rhymes with Orange has become one of Winnipeg's most successful new vintage shops.
It is co-owned by Vintage Glory's owner Doug Shand and two lovey ladies Stephanie Hiebert and Erin Theissen.

I think my hesitation in writing this review has stemmed from Steph and Erin's amazing online presence and promotion of their shop on their blog Oh So Lovely!. What more could I say? How could I contribute? Rhymes with Orange has become such a huge part of the Winnipeg Vintage landscape that I am suddenly finding it impossible not to give my two cents. 

Rhymes with Orange is more like a beautiful boutique filled with vintage than your classic vintage shop. Steph and Erin have done everything they can to make it pleasing to the eye as well as easy to shop.

The first thing you see when you walk in is the front counter filled with goodies: brooches, vintage glasses, bow ties and many other vintage accessories. And usually Erin or Steph's smiling face behind with a warm greeting (they remember their regulars!).

Before you can shop the women's section you've gotta walk through the menswear. The men's section is stocked by Doug and it easily the best place (perhaps the only decent place!?) to find men's vintage in Winnipeg. Leather jacket? yup. Band jackets? sure. Knitted sweater with a duck on the back? got those. Smoking jacket? got those too.
The men's section also carries a variety of tee-shirts, bowling shirts and western style button ups. The selection and quality that Vintage Glory once had has been carried over to this store. This is my go-to place to buy vintage menswear.

Most of the store is consumed with ladies wear. Hats and shoes are beautifully displayed along one wall  and beyond are blouses, skirts and dresses. The back of the store has a small section of vintage mid century modern housewares.

The thing I miss at Rhymes with Orange is Doug's selection of ladies vintage. Erin and Steph do an amazing job stocking the store with a variety of vintage you can't find anywhere else in the city (they make several treks to Asia every year to shop for the store! so exciting!), I find at times that some of the vintage variety is lacking for my personal taste. Doug's taste in vintage ran a bit older like mine: 30's-50's and I bought much, much more form him at his previous shop. I often leave Rhymes with Orange empty handed because most of the stock hails from the late 60's-70's. When I do find a dress in my era though, I tend to snap it up (I recently bought a gorgeous 40's dress from them that I am dying to wear!!).

I have not let this effect the star rating in this review however, RwO is a great shop with great selection for people looking to get into vintage. Their stock is pretty and right on trend - the girls really know what is in style, what sells and they get in on the racks! I must commend them for that!

I adore their accessories! If you want enamel floral brooches in bright fun colours for less than $30, this is your place! Rhymes with Orange is also the best place in Winnipeg to buy reproduction vintage sunglasses. At 2 pairs for $30 you just can't go wrong. This is where I buy my signature cat eye sunglasses.

And speaking of prices, this shop is definitely easy on the wallet. Prices are reflective of the Winnipeg vintage market - items are priced about 1/2 as much as something would sell online. For example, most day dresses are under $40.

Overall, Rhymes with Orange is a great shop! It is easy to shop and has accessible, easy to wear vintage. It is definitely the first place I bring "non-vintage" shoppers when they want to shop with me. It breaks all the stigma's associated with vintage and thrift stores.

Steph & Erin's online shop and blog:



  1. The shop IS lovely to look around in, glad to see another local review of it. I myself also miss the odd mix that most vintage stores have when I go there I like my older mixed with newer vintage. I am waiting to get to Doug's shop on Donald I haven't been. I always seem to be working when he has his sales:(

    1. I tried to go to Doug's new shop two weeks ago and found it closed (I think it was a Monday or a Tuesday). His shop is next on my hit list and I will be posting a new review after I've gone.
      His sales are amazing! I can only go to his shop if I have cash...I *always* find something I like.


  2. Ok, that seals it, Winnipeg just got bumped way up my list of must-visit (asap!) Canadian travel destinations. Seriously, knowing that shops with reasonable prices on mid-century vintage still exist anywhere in our fine country makes me want to hop on a plane right this very minute and go give Rhymes with Orange my business today. Alas, as my last name isn't Gates, it won't be happening today - but hopefully one day - and when it does, I'll be sure to let them know I discovered their awesome shop via your equally awesome review post.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. When you come to Winnipeg we will go shopping. No joke.



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