Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Insert Witty Tree Pun Here

I'm not usually one to put my tree up before December (I've had it up for a week already!!), but this year I was particularly excited because The Boy bought me a tree with lights attached last weekend! I just couldn't wait to put it up and decorate it!!

As I was decorating it became quite obvious that I did not have enough ornaments to cover my new tree. My old tree, which I plan on keeping, is much smaller. My grandparents bought it in the 60's. It was the tree my Mom grew up with and was the tree I grew up with as a kid! Vintage!! :)

Anyway...the ol' tree (and by 'ol tree, I mean the new tree) was needing some more ornaments and some pizzaz! I was on the hunt for something green or turquoise (I'm one of those nuts who loves to have their tree co-ordinate with their decor.)

I made these ornaments with some chandelier crystals and some vintage ribbon.

But the best part of my new tree are these:

Aren't they just gorgeous??!! I bought them at Pier 1. I saw them on the website and just had to have them.

I also bought some green ball ornaments at Canadian Tire for some green colour.

I bought some of the other blue and silver ornaments at Kmart last year on clearance after Christmas.

I have one vintage ornament. Just one. I would love some more, but they're so trendy right now I'm just too cheap to buy them. Maybe a trip out of town to a rural thrift store would be the trick...

Here's my tree in all it's pretty glory!!

Anyone else crazy like me and had their tree up early?



  1. I'm crazy about Christmas stuff as well and I'd put my tree up if I wasn't going to buy a real one. I just love the scent, but it lasts only for a week or two. But I'm already playing with the ornaments - I have quite a few vintage plastic ones, including some fine vinyl stuff from the 60's...

  2. Pier1 really is the best for ornaments. I love your tree. :)

  3. Your tree looks fabulous! Adore the little peacocks!
    I would love to have my tree up, but my family always gets a real tree, so it would be very, very dead by Christmas.


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