Friday, December 24, 2010

Living Room Update! The New Coffee Table!

It's here!!!

I mentioned a few days ago that The Boy and I had ordered this coffee table from work a few weeks ago.

Last night it finally arrived! :)

Just so you can appreciate the full effect (thus far). Here is our living room right after we moved in (during paint prep. Wish I had a real "before" pic. This is all I've got):

Here is our living room 6 months ago, post painting:

And after we ordered our furniture and after I spent two weeks sewing drapes and pillows:

And Voila! With our gorgeous new table! (please also note our new lamps!)

I just love it! I really like how it's sparkle and clean lines work with our oversized, slightly rustic sectional. It also has a mid-century modern feel that I really dig. I can't wait to find the perfect area rug to showcase underneath this beauty. This is one coffee table we'll have for many years to come.

btw. This was my christmas present from The Boy. I'm a very lucky and spoiled girl! (and very happy!)

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas! Tonight we're off to The Boy's parents place, tomorrow we're having brunch at my Mom's, then we're off for dinner with The Boy's family. I thankfully have Boxing Day off, so I'll post some Christmas pictures then.


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