Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outfits: Classic OR Does This Outfit Make Me Look Taller?

I love this sweater!!! It makes me feel cheeky (as you can see in the pictures today!).

In fact I love this look in general. You just can't go wrong with a cardigan and some pearls. And I love this outfit even more because it is a little twist on the classic "cardigan and pearls" since the cardigan has giraffe print and the pearls have that great enamel flower detail on the side. SO GOOD!

Necklace: Le Chateau
Giraffe Print Cardigan: Joe
Lace Cami: Smart Set
Pants: Le Chateau
Black Satin Boots: The Bay

Oh, and that tall handsome fellow beside me is Milo Jerome Esq. the Third (long story, had to be there, don't ask...). I bought him at a kiosk full of African treasures. He asked me if he could come home with could I say no to that face?

Lisa. xo


  1. Very cute...and perfect outfit fot the rainy weather I have been facing :)

  2. mmm! I'm loving that cardigan... and that Jerome got to be part of the shoot with you!


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