Friday, January 29, 2010

Shopping with the Boys

I went thrifting with my brother and his friend Luke this afternoon. This is the second time the three of us have gone out to hunt for treasures. 

I unfortunatly did not buy anything. There was one dress at Vintage Glory I liked, but I didn't try it on because frankly I can't afford it right now. I had originally intended to have a little cash in my pocket, but I recieved an enormous cell phone bill earlier this week and my conscience demanded I be a resonsible adult and pay it before I buy more clothes....*sigh* It's really not a big deal anyway, my thrifting karma was off today anyway and I really only found the one dress....maybe I'll see if The Boy will spot me $35 dollars till payday...hmm...thinking out loud...anyway...

Ah well...we had a lot of fun anyway! And the boys nabbed some good stuff.

We started our outing with a retro lunch at A&W. (If only it were summer, some of the A&W's in Winnipeg have car-hop service in the summer! Now THAT'S retro!)

My brother Matt (in the argyle) and Luke (not in argyle). Cheers!

First we hit Salvation Army.

Luke bought this shirt. I told him he should wear it GloBowling.

I wanted to take Matt (my brother) and Luke to Ruby Slipper since I had such good luck there last time, but they were closed!!

So we hit Vintage Glory instead.

Then we went to Ragpickers (I forgot to take photos in Rags...I was too busy trying on hats and talking to Kristin the owner...oops!)

Afterwards we had ourselves a little photoshoot:

Aren't they so cool?

And then we saw some Green Eggs and Ham! YUM!

I look kinda creepy in this photo. What can I say? I was kindof excited about Green Eggs and Ham...

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Love your outfit! You look so cute in a beret!

  2. Your family portraits must be so chic and sophisticated, not embarrassing.


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