Friday, December 11, 2009

Beauty in Chaos

The Boy and I just bought our first house 6 months ago. This was really just the first step in making a little corner of the world one that we could call our own. We have been swamped with renovation and decorating projects since.

As a result our house is rarely spotlessly clean. For a neat freak like me this can be a little overwhelming.

In moments of panic I try to look closer and see some beauty in the chaos. Here is some that I found the other night:

I'm pretty excited to show you this last picture. It's the sneak peek at my early Christmas present from The Boy. It's a 1950's kitchen table set that was in his Opa's basement that I fell in love with earlier in the year! It's so beautiful! The chairs have been recovered (I hear the original vinyl was in bad shape) but I love it anyway! I'm so excited to have been given it!
I promise to post a picture of the whole set in it's wonderful glory soon!

I've also got another "One Dress, Three Ways" post in the works! Stay Tuned!

Lisa. xo

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