Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Victorian Fashion (Part 1 of 3): Wishlist

Truth be told, I have been obsessed with Victorian fashion (and all those wonderful things inspired by this era) long before I discovered early and mid 20th Century fashion.

I love the layers, the decadance and excess of the Victorian era.
The hats, the parasols, gloves, bustles...
I am also a fan of the corset. That fragile, perfect, waspish waist.

This photo borrowed from here

There are a few items with Victorian roots which I simply cannot resist.

1. Anything with buttons! Especially small, pearl or covered buttons.Gloves, shoes, shirts...anything really.

Gloves: Echo Boots: Marc Jacobs

2. Feathers. The bigger and more dramatic the better really! I am loving that feathers are en vogue right
    now because it means I can get my fill without endless searching and spending a fortune. You might
    remember this post or this one where I am sporting some feathered headgear!

This beauty from louth craft mark

3. Lace blouses. Especially with a high collar. Mmmmm...this one is delicious...

I LOVE this beaded lace blouse from

4. Cameos. I own many. Rings, Brooches, Necklaces. I could always use more though! haha!

All items from Etsy: Necklace Peaches4me. Lace Choker: poppenkraal. Cameo Locket: dayslonggone

5. Top Hats. I know this is a menswear item, but I adore top hats anyway! I love, love, love the miniture
    top hats that are for sale for women right now. (I in fact own one!) Love this hat! Very authentic (plus the
    added bonus of having feathers!!)

Part 2 and 3 of my Victorian Fashion Series to come! Stay Tuned!

Lisa. xo

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