Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And So it Begins (Plus an Outfit!)

This week is the first week of my newest stage managing job! I'm apprentice stage managing for Theatre Projects Manitoba. They're producing a new play called The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz by Armin Wiebe (click the link for more info on the play!).
It's a short prep week. Rehearsals start on Friday and I'm still stage manging for The Gilbert & Sullivan Society until this Sunday. So it's a full week!
Today I'm off to meet the stage manager (a friend from university) so we can move supplies to and set up the rehearsal space.
And tonight I've got rehearsal for G&S.

Here's what I'm wearing today. Not very vintage, I know, but I'll be on my hands and knees this afternoon taping the set outline onto the floor of the rehearsal space. Not a job for a vintage dress.
The T-shirt and cardigan are new. The t-shirt is Joe Fresh (I just love thier clothes! So afordable. This tee was $12!!) and I bought the cardigan on sale at Jacob this week. I hate to pay full price for trendier pieces. And I think it'll look really cuted belted over a dress when our weather warms up.
It's just so darn cold here right now (are you sick of hearing me say that?!).

Oh yeah, and the runners are new too...they asked to come home with me...they were cute...I couldn't say no...

Mermaid Pendant: Pick Up Sticks Jewelry
Watch Brooch: Thrifted
Boat Neck Anchor Tee: Joe Fresh
Periwinkle "Boyfriend" Cardigan: Jacob
Jeans: Bootlegger
Diesel Runners: TownShoes

I'm so happy to be working in theatre again! It's like coming home! :)


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  1. Love your style and blog!!


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