Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Wardrobe Project: T-Shirts and Sweaters and Blouses! Part 2

After T-shirts I contined with the purge and moved onto sweaters.

Here's the breakdown:

Total Number of Sweaters: 6

Total Number of Cardigans: 20

For some reason this catagory seemed tougher. I wear a lot of these sweaters regularly, so I could only justify getting rid of a few.
Like this one. I fell in love with it (for some reason) at Goodwill and waited until it was 50% off. I cannot bring myself to wear it. When I put it on I feel silly in it.
So it's going to the shop.

You  might remember this sweater from this post. I bought in on impulse. I should never do that. This sweater makes me feel like a line backer. Too much puff in the ruffles at the shoulders.
Sadly, this one didn't make the cut either.

In the end I didn't do as well as I did with the t-shirts., but on the other hand the keepers are in heavy rotation right now. Here are the numbers:

Number of Sweaters Remaining: 13 (from 20)

Number of Cardigans Remaining: 4 (from 6 )

Total Remaining: 17

On a bright note I really feel like the only thing I'm missing in the sweater/cardigan department is a great casual chunky knit for layering.
So that's a plus.

I've also got a few sweaters which made the cut this round, but remain on the hit list. If I don't wear them this winter they're out. Winter has yet to come. I didn't want to leave myself too short. It gets cold here.

Next on the list was blouses.

And the numbers:

Total Number of Blouses: 21

Quick story about this next top: I LOVE this blouse! (I know it's a tank top, but it's in a very blouse-like material so I consider it to be in the Blouse catagory) I love wearing it with khakis or denim shorts in the summer.


But I was VERY on the fence about keeping it.
For two reasons:
1. I didn't wear it this year. AND
2. It had aquired a spot on the lace which I can't remove:

I told myself at the beginning of this that anything stained would have to go.
So good-bye it went.

Maybe I'm getting better at this!!

I'm not gonna lie though, I really felt like I was on What Not to Wear. But I was Stacey, Clinton and Lisa all rolled into one. I was mentally beating myself up about some of the stuff I had in my closet. Like "why do you have so many old t-shirts?", "Who cares if this is comfortable?! It's ugly!" "Does this even fit you anymore?". I'm not sure if it was sad or funny.
I promise you I never answered myself once.

Then I had a break through! When I pulled this top out off the rack I thought "I forgot I owned this top! I love this top!"

This is everything I want my new wardrobe to become:
-yes! sophisticated with a twist!
-or better yet! sophisticated with a vintage twist.

So I will be keeping this in mind while I shop.

But before I forget. Here's how I landed on blouses after editing:

Total Remaining Blouses: 17 (from 28)

I am Missing:

1 classic white well fitting long sleeve blouse

This break-through helped inform some of my decisions as I went through the rest of my stuff. Keeping this style idea in mind really helped me decide whether to keep items or not.

I kept this top out as inspiration as I contiued editing.

Next on my list is Blazers, Suits and Skirts. Stay Tuned! I've also got some inspiration photos tucked away to show you and I promise the return of outfit photos as I try to redefine my style!

Lisa. xo


  1. This is great, I LOVE a good wardrobe sort out. You are being very committed, well done. Such a shame about the stain on that beautiful slip top, but I'm glad you 'discovered' something new to make up for the loss!

  2. i cant believe you got rid of the super cute ruffled sweater!! Oh well, i do understand. impulse buying is my biggest vice... shoes, fabric, clothes... they pile up and have no use what so ever!

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