Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Link Love #8

  • Fascinating couple of articles about a fashion phenomenon dubbed 'normcore'. An interesting read for me - seeing as though I look at vintage fashion as an extension of "me/my identity". 

  • Another post from The Nesting Place about taking life Slow
  • This incredible home filled with beautiful antiques.

  • AMAZING videos about washing and moisturizing your face.

  • And finally, I love this classic look from Keiko Lynn.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blogger Style Inspiration

Hey! I'm finally back with the land of the living after a CRAAAZZY week last week working on an NFB short film (I'll fill you in on the details of the film and hopefully be able to post it here once it's been edited and released!). I was working 15 hour days and running my feet off, but it was so rewarding! I've spent most of this week laying on the couch. ugh...I was tired!

Anyway, I've got an outfit post to share with you on Saturday and some Link Love coming your way tomorrow, but today I want to share with you the bloggers who inspire my style the most. These are the folks whose posts I MUST click on when a new one appears in my reader. I can't get enough of these ladies' style.

Here they are, in no particular order. :)

Kendi Everyday

This blog may (or may not!) come as a surprise to you as style inspiration for me. There's nothing about Kendi's style I don't love. She is a master at mixing prints and colours. She has a simple, effortless, chic style that I aspire to emulate - perhaps not in trend, but in feeling.
Plus, she's crazy funny. Reading her blog is just as good as checking out her amazing outfits.


Blair is another blogger who is a mix master - this girl can rock a trend like nobody's business , but still manages to maintain a thread of personal style no matter what she's wearing. One of the biggest take-aways here is that there is nothing like a signature piece - in Blair's case, her Karen Walker 'Super Duper' sunnies to put her own stamp on every outfit.
Again, I love her use of colour and pattern mixing. And am always enamoured with her outfit's silhouettes. Full skirts? Skinny jeans? Yup. Love it.

Through the Looking Glass

This one a vast departure from our last two bloggers. Although I was never a goth kid, I totally love this girls style (she doesn't reveal her real name on her blog, just goes by mothmouth). Perhaps it's my own penchant for wearing all black, but I love her unapologetic individual look - it's toughness and it's femininity. She is also incredible at mixing textures, as one must be if you are to wear one colour from head to toe.
Plus, she's got pretty wicked long hair...I want mine to be that long (sooo close!!).

Vintage Vandalizm

This blogger will come as no surprise to you as style inspiration for myself, as she is another self proclaimed rockabilly girl. I love Jasmin's edgy vintage look - it's everything I wish my own look was   and so much more.

Esme and the Laneway

This blogger is another no-brainer style inspiration. If you've been hanging around for a long time you already know I love Marianne's feminine, vintage style. She's got an enviable collection of pretty vintage dresses and pairs them with substantial modern wedges and platform shoes - a twist I love and try to emulate in the summer.

Vixen Vintage

I love Solanah's take on menswear and her amazing boot collection. I want to wear boots with everything when I check out her blog.

Which bloggers do you find inspiring?


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hey peeps!

I'm gonna be MIA this week. I got a last minute gig working on a National Film Board of Canada short film this week and it's consuming my life.

See you next week!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Inspiration: for Spring

We're still buried under a mountain of snow here in Winnipeg, but the weather has warmed a bit and I'm thinking about outfits for spring.

Edit: I totally spoke too soon. It's snowing like crazy here tonight!!! Aaarrrg!

I'm really loving the idea of a tied button blouse with a skirt or pants. It's the epitome of casual chic to me. Add a denim or leather jacket over this look and some tights and you're ready for spring in Winnipeg.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Anti-Resolution Check In

My fellow vintage loving Canuck Laurie from Retro Reporter just posted a 2 month check in on her 2014 goals and how she was fairing.

I thought "hm..I haven't been thinking about mine since I posted them in January...I wonder how I'm doing"

So I'm going to follow her lead and post a little check in for myself.

unsourced via Pintrest

Blogging Goals

  • keep up with the Link Love series.  - Success! I've been posting every two weeks without fail! I've found the trick is to always have a new "Link Love" post in draft and I add to it while I'm surfing the internet and something catches my eye.
  • share more of my collection with you in my Show and Tell series. - Success! I just finished posting my entire purse and clutch collection and am fired up to show you more really soon! I got such amazing response from you guys on this! I'm hoping some of you follow suit like you said you would and post your own collections! I love seeing other peoples treasures and geeking out about them as much as you do!
  • don't worry so much about taking a million photos for a post. - Working on it. Most of my posts have been pretty picture heavy this year so far, but I keep reminding myself that little check in posts are ok too.
  • keep working on planning ahead when it comes to posts so I can keep posting regularly.  - Success! Despite being busy with work I have keep up with blogging since the new year. I have posted at least once or twice a week and I'm really proud of myself. I am a bit bummed I didn't post an outfit in February, but I'll keep working on that. 
Conclusion: Blogging goals seem to be in good form despite me not consciously "working" on them. But as I said in my original post, these are not new 2014 goals, but ones I have been working on and thinking about little by little for some time now. 

Personal Goals

  • Get rid of things we/I don't need/use. - Working on it. I have a massive pile of stuff to donate in my basement that I keep adding to. And I've even got The Boy putting things in it (which is a bit of a miracle, because he is more of a hoarder than I am!!). We just have to take it to the thrift store when I'm finished this job. And I plan on continuing with the purge after that as well. So even though some might see that as a success, I am saying 'working on it' because I see more work to be done.
  • And further to that. I'd like to follow the William Morris quote: 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful'.  - ??? Hm. maybe this isn't really a goal, but more of a philosophy to keep in mind while I purge and work on the house.
  • Keep working on our house. - Working on it. I have big big plans to FINALLY paint our kitchen after this gig finishes. I pumped up and ready to tackle the job after 5 years of living in this house (that and I've come to the conclusion my dream IKEA kitchen is another few years away and I can't stand my kitchen in its current state anymore! lol!). Wish me luck!
  • Shop less - Shop my closet more.  - Success! I have made a few thrift purchases, one Etsy purchase and one retail purchase this year. So in total probably less than $120 spent -  which for me is a big deal! I have been seriously contemplating every impulse to buy and really curbing my spending. Right now dreams of kitchen paint are keeping me from buying a leather jacket at Le Chateau or a vintage silk kimono on Etsy I've been eyeing. Also doing laundry regularly and keep my favourite clothes clean in my closet seem to be helping...who would've thought?! lol!!
Conclusion: Personal goals still in progress. Although they are a bit loftier than my blogging goals, I think. However, I am working towards every single one and that makes me happy. Baby steps people. That's all I need. :) seems that I've picked some good goals overall for myself. I seem to be unconsciously working on all of them. I don't need daily reminders or personal pep talks to make these happen. And THAT is my ultimate goal. Have goals that become imbedded in me, so I am always working on improving myself and my surroundings. 

How do you keep track of your goals? Did you make any resolutions (anti-resolutions?) this year? How are you doing?


Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Link Love #7

This week's post is a bit random. All sorts of things for you!

  • I just love the simplicity of this outfit from Fifties Darling. So pretty!

  • Has anyone else seen this fascinating (and somewhat frightening) video about The Innovation of Loneliness? And if you have time go check out the TED Talks speech that inspired it here
  • And another video this week for you. Did anyone watch The Voice when Melanie Martinez was a contestant? I love her unique sound and really love the video for her song Dollhouse. If you've never heard of Melanie I highly recommend searching her on YouTube. She does the most amazing covers!!

  • This stunning photo from Vintage Valley. Can you tell I'm longing for warmer days? 

  • I love this blog: The Nesting Place. She has the best philosophy for living: "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". I really enjoyed her post about The 1 Thing Every Home Needs. Go read it (and poke around her blog as well! It's a good one!)!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adventures in Haircutting

I am attached to my long hair. Yes, literally, but emotionally as well.

When I was in high school I had a pixie cut which would always be changing colour or morphing into a mohawk at random and I would laugh at girls with long hair who were afraid to get it trimmed let alone cut.
I have become one of those girls.

I love my long hair! It makes me feel feminine, sexy, attractive! It's as if it's the source of all my womanly super powers. It's to my waist and I want it to be longer!!

I've had a couple bad run ins with hairdressers in the last few years. They either scolded me for dying my own hair or wanted to cut 4-5 inches off "because it would look so much healthier!". Ugh. Or, when I negotiated down to a 3 inch trim they'd take 4 inches. Not cool.

So I've been afraid to go the hairdresser. And I started cutting my own hair as a result. This seemed to be working out ok a year and a half ago, but recently my bangs and my ends were looking pretty scraggly. Nothing I did was making them look better either.

pre-haircut. photo courtesy of my instagram account

It was time to go to a hairdresser....

Thankfully, just at the right time my friend Jen had a recommendation from my salon Edward Carrier.  She told me I should go see Susan. Susan has long hair and Jen told me she'd understand my haircutting neurosis. And she was right!! I went to see Susan today and she was amazing!!!! She didn't bat an eyelash when I asked for a trim with few layers and she wasn't intimidated by my request for bettie bangs either, even though she hadn't ever cut them before. She took her time and did an incredible job cutting my hair. I am converted! AND I have a new hairdresser! Finally! After 3 long years without one. *happy dance*

photo courtesy of my instagram account

Not only do my bangs look awesome, but my hair looks and feels great! It's been far, far too long since I walked out of a salon so happy and completely satisfied with a haircut.

Susan and I were even talking about how to put a pink streak in my hair...woah step at a!!

Do you cut your own hair? Or do you have an amazing stylist that gets your vintage look? Please share!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 6

Ok. Last one guys. I wanted to post this yesterday (my day off), but I slept in too late and missed the good morning light in my living room. I barely made it this morning! lol!

Here are the rest of my black clutches and handbags. They're so hard to photograph!

The top clutch is another one of my favourites. It was bought at Ragpickers when I worked there. It still has it's mirror and original comb inside - both have their own special pockets in the front.

The clutch on the bottom was a Value Village purchase. I love the metal linked handle. It's so unique!

This art deco bag is another Ragpickers buy from long ago. The fringe on the bottom has seen better days and there are a few rhinestones missing, but I still like this bag. I don't tend to buy damaged pieces like this any more - I think that's a new vintage collector thing, but I'm happy to keep this one around.

Another Value Village buy. I wish I knew how old this bag is. It's got a cute little coin purse inside. The exterior is hard and is covered in cotton velvet. I paid a lot more than I usually do at VV for this bag, but I had to have it. Whoever was pricing it knew what it was.

Two more Value Village purchases. The top bag is a recent purchase - just last week! Once again, couldn't resist that cute little metal handle!

I love the size of the bag on the bottom, that and how elegant and simple it is. It's a bit bigger than most vintage clutches and fits my iPhone and my makeup compact. 

I'm pretty sure this little faux suede bag is from the 70's or 80's. I bought it because it has a loop to fit over a belt on the back and fits my iPhone. I thought I could use wear it on my belt out if I need my hands free at a party or out dancing. It also has two loops for a shoulder strap if I wanted to add one.

Another Ragpickers buy from my university days. I LOVE this bag. Everything about it. The leather, the chain, the closure. It's a really neat piece.

The best part is the interior. It doesn't fit a lot, but I adore the mirror fixed inside and the little snap pockets. Such a cool bag.

Some more random black bags.

These are both shoulder bags. I've got the straps tucked inside. The top leather one is from Ragpickers, the bottom patent bag is a Goodwill buy. 

I honestly can't remember where I got this faux croc handbag. Maybe VV? It's a tiny little bag - this picture makes it look bigger than it is. I love the detailing on the closure. 

My only fur muff. Another Ragpickers buy. I used this a lot in university and the fur has seen better days. I had forgotten I had it until I was going through my bags for this post series. Maybe I should take it out for a spin before our snow melts!

The back.

The rest of the bags are random purses and such that I had found while I was going through my bins (I keep some of my bigger bags in rubbermaid bins in the basement).

This leather fringed bag was my Mom's in the 70's. It's not really my style, but I love it cause it was hers and will never get rid of it.

Two more leather purses. Both thrifted from Value Village.

My antique doctor's bag. A recent acquisition from a show I worked on. I got it in trade for some labour I did. I've always wanted one.

And last, but not least, a bright 70's gym bag I bought for $1 thrifting in Thompson on the Munsch Tour last year.  I use it to store other smaller clutches.

And that's it!! That's my entire collection. What do you collect?

See more Show and Tell posts here.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 5

If I have a weakness for vintage purses and clutches in general, then my love of vintage straw and wicker bags in unparalleled!! I used to have quite a few more, but have sold them in the last few years and only kept my favourites. Photographing these today is making me long for summer. It's brutally cold in Winnipeg right now.

You've seen this bag before. It's in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. My brother Matt bought it for me one day while we were out thrift shopping together.

Clutches. All thrifted. The bamboo clutch with the strap is my most recent addition. I'm excited to use it this summer. 

I bought this bag at Ragpickers after I worked there. It's a great size for fitting essentials into and I love the shape and colour.

This bag was a thrift purchase. I like how the beading looks a bit like polka dots. I also like that this bag is black, however, I usually find it too small (this photo is a bit deceiving. It's smaller than the red bag above). I'd really like to find a black straw bag in a nice size for summer.

This bag is another thrift find. Salvation Army - $2. It has some damage, but I managed to sew it back together with a sturdy needle and some twine.

This Club Med bag was another thrift find. I'm a sucker for all things nautical and what's more nautical than netting? This is a great casual bag for going to the beach. It's large and fits so much stuff.

I bought this bag while on the Munsch Tour last winter. I cannot resist those raffia flowers. I really can't   tell you how many bags I've almost bought while thrifting because I love those woven flower motifs. The pretty peach colour won my heart here. That and the shoulder strap. 

Another bag you're sure to recognize if you been hanging around here for a while. My all time favourite bamboo cage purse. I had been coveting one identical to this online for at least a month. The price kept me from buying it - $90!! And how was I to know it was in good shape? I resisted the urge to spend that much money on a bag and tried to put it out of my mind. Well only a few weeks later I was in Value Village looking at the housewares and spotted this bag sitting among the baskets. It was $4!!! My heart raced, I grabbed it and clutched it to my chest while I continued shopping. I felt like I was stealing or something! lol!

I bought this basket at Goodwill. Again, raffia flowers. Can't resist. lol! I really want to take this bag to the beach, but I'm a little bit afraid of wrecking it. So instead I store some of my purses inside.

I love love love this purse. It was a gift from Maureen - the costume designer on 'Angels in America: Millennium Approaches' and 'Angels in America: Perestroika'. Both shows were a lot of work and Mo and I bonded pretty heavily. She bought this for me and didn't even know how much I love wicker bags or nautical wear in the summer. She's just that good. :)

One more purse post coming your way. Tomorrow or monday. Have a great weekend!

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