Friday, February 28, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 4

I was actually planning on showing you more clutches today, but upon my friend Daphne's request I decided to photograph some of my larger purses instead (all of which I've discovered in photographing them are black or tooled leather! lol!).

You'll recognize this first one. It's easily my most used purse. Or accessory even, for that matter.
If you've been reading my blog for a long time you've probably heared this story, but I bought this purse at Value Village for $7. I almost didn't buy it. I can't remember now whether I was worried about spending the money, or if I had a lot of other things in my cart already, or what it was. But I do remember humming and hawing over whether to take this one home with me. And now that it's such a staple in my wardrobe I can't even imagine why I wondered. It goes with everything!! I'd like to find a similar needlepoint purse in a light colour - that's on my wish list right now for sure.

This purse was given to me by one of The Boy's friends mothers. Follow? ;) She gave it to me along with a short raccoon fur coat. They belonged to her mother and no one in her family wanted them. She knew I would give them a good home. And I did. This purse looks small, but is deceivingly large inside. The bottom is quite wide and I was surprised at how much I could fit in it. (I also love the metal hinged handle! haha!)

I've had this next one so long I can't remember where it came from. Gift? Ragpickers? Thrifted? I had an obsession with 50's black patent purses for a while in my early 20's and this hails from that time. It's got all sorts of neat pockets and dividers inside.

I bought this purse at Ragpickers before I worked there. I must have been 19 or 20. It's easily one of my first vintage purchases from an actual vintage shop (I'd been buying vintage in thrift stores for years at that time already). I couldn't believe it was 50's. It was so modern looking! And again, I couldn't resist the interesting handle. lol!!

Another buy from Ragpickers when I worked there. This was my go-to purse before I bought the needlepoint one. You can see the handle needs some repair I used it so much.

The thing I love about this purse is the red interior. So pretty.

This patent purse is another newer addition. It was a gift as well - from a relative stranger in fact! The Boy and I went to a birthday part for a friend of a friend. I ended up talking to some girl that night about my look and I told her I collected vintage. She told me she had a purse of her grandmothers she should give me. Never happened. I forgot about the whole incident (probably also brought on by the wine I had been drinking that night!) and an entire year later we're hanging out with The Boy's friend and he says "Hey Lisa, I have a purse from that girl from Tom's party." I had NO IDEA what he was talking about. He gave me the purse and we discussed it a bit and the events of the evening started to come back to me. Random!! But kinda cool. And now I have that neat story and this beautiful purse! The white bar is mother of pearl and did not photograph too well. It's really pretty person.

Another oldie, but goodie you've seen on the blog before. My favourite tooled leather handbag. Bought at Value Village for less than $20.

I love the detail in these bags. This is the bottom.

I bought this bag at another VV in the city last Halloween. Also less than $20. I had been thinking about selling it, but I'll likely hang on to it for a while. It's bigger than my other tooled bag and the straps fit over my shoulder. I really like the deeper colour of this bag as well - kind of like caramel.

The back of this bag.

So there you go! Most of my larger handbags! I think I've got two more posts coming your way to round out this series (I think I've said that at the end of each one! haha! I've got more bags than I thought, I guess.): Summer wicker and straw handbags and my black clutches. Stay Tuned!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 3

Numero three in my show and tell series of my purse and clutch collection.

Here are my gold and silver clutches.

The gold envelope clutch was bought in Brandon while I was on the Munsch Tour last winter. I bought it with matching shoes (see them here!).
The silver beaded clutch was bought at Ragpickers way back when. It's seen better days. I use it frequently. It has some light staining and I need to sew a few beads back onto the back. It still has the original square mirror that tucks into a little pocket inside.

The silver clutch on top is a more recent thrift purchase. I liked the handle. It tucks inside as well in case I don't want to use it.
The silver shoulder bag on the bottom was bought at Ragpickers as well. It used to have a metal closure - the kind that looks like a little bar and pivots to keep the purse closed. You know the kind? It fell off, so now I use ribbon to keep this purse closed. And not always pink - I switch it out to match my outfit.

Two gold beaded bags - both of which I adore. I just think they're so pretty and decadent. Both thrifted for under $6 each. 

I'm discovering a pattern here while I write up these posts. I am a sucker for a metal or moulded handle. That's what drew me to this next clutch. That, and the pyramid closure.

A random grouping…they look nice together thought don't they?

The red flocked bag on top has a shoulder strap. It's a great casual bag, fits my phone and other essentials and adds a fantastic pop of colour to an outfit.

The white plastic bag on the bottom is 60's. It's another thrift store find. Again, a great addition to casual outfits and summer dresses in the warmer months.

The purple velvet clutch is another Ragpickers find from long ago. I love the colour. 
The burgundy suede purse also has a shoulder strap. I like that it looks like one of those plastic tub pillows - you know the kind with suction cups on the back? lol!
The hot pick purse is another find from the road while on the Munsch Tour. 

My assortment of green and blue purses.

The purse on top was given to me as a gift.
The navy suede purse on the bottom was bought from Patti Henderson's shop WildWoodRose Vintage.

The top green clutch was a purchase at Ragpickers - after I worked there! The handle slides in and out - which I love.
The grey patent purse on the bottom was a Salvation Army find - $4. Again, I love the handle on it.

The top purse was bought in Brandon on the Munsch Tour (see a better pic of it here). It has the most beautiful closure and a little coin purse inside attached with a chain.
And the purse on the bottom was another Value Village find. The bow and the colour had me at hello. :)

I've got at least two more instalments coming your way (I told you it was an extensive collection)! I hope you're enjoying these posts!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 2

Here's part two of my purse and clutch collection!

These are some beaded and mesh clutches I've got. I usually have quite a few more in black and white, but I tend to give them away as gifts, so sometimes I have more, sometimes less.

I really love the top pearl clutch - another favourite. I feel like it may be 30's. I am not really great at dating purses. I usually know when they're from within 15 years or so, but have never really spent the time to research details and nail down dates. Anyway, this clutch was given to me by one of my mother's friends who knew I loved vintage. I receive a lot of things this way.
The bottom clutch was thrifted for $1. I really like how linear it is and how modern it can look. Vintage can be so timeless.

These two were both thrift finds. Again, these little beaded clutches come and go in my collection. I tend to find a lot of them when I'm out thrifting so I never feel bad plucking one out of my collection to gift to a friend.

I also have a thing for mesh shoulder bags from the 80's. I bought the black one first and wore it until I broke the strap (still have to find a way to fix it) and the hunt was on until I could find a white one. I love wearing these out dancing - hands are free, but they fit all of my essentials.
And another soft beaded clutch in black. I only buy these if the beading is in good condition or there are only a few loose beads that can be sewn back on. Sometimes you can find them in pretty poor condition with staining and a million missing beads.

And some brown and leather bags. All of these are recent additions in the last year, except the leather school bag. I've started to wear more brown and I was feeling the deficit in my purses for co-ordinating items.

I bought this satchel second hand for $8. It may not be vintage, but it has a great vintage feel and is made of leather. It also has a shoulder strap and many pockets.

This faux croc purse was a recent purchase just last week - $4! I couldn't resist the handle detailing and the overall shape of it. Plus it's a great size - not something you always find in vintage purses (they can tend to be small).

This is a genuine snakeskin purse. I think it's 40's from the detailing inside. I received this from a woman who knows my friend Jen. She was looking for a good home for her great aunt's clothes and Jen brought me along to take (yes, take!) some stuff from her. She was a lovely woman and just wanted her aunt's things to go to someone who would appreciate and use them.

This is another recent thrift buy from the last year. I paid $3 for this little clutch. The photo doesn't do it much justice. The closure along the top is lined with rhinestones. It's really pretty in person.

Stay tuned for more instalments! We've only just scratched the surface!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 1

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen the pile of new-to-me vintage purses sitting on my dressing room floor that have yet to find a home. This is an ongoing problem with me - I have a poor storage system for my purses and clutches and as a result they are A) stored everywhere! and B) always on the floor. Part of the problem is that I can't resist buying a beautiful clutch or purse when I'm out thrifting. I leave plenty behind, but I must have the unique, the colourful, the sparkly. It's becoming as bad as my obsession for vintage dresses.

So I thought it would be fun to show you my collection! It is pretty large, so I will have to show you in stages, otherwise this post will be WAY too long.

Here are my embroidered and tapestry clutches.

These three all have metal embroidery. The two on the right were made in India, I'm not sure when they were made, but they have a vintage feel to me. The one on the right is quite old. I've only used in once and the fabric under the embroidery started to disintegrate. I'd like to frame it in a shadow box one day. It's so beautiful. 

The black purse on the top right is one of my all time favourites. It's embroidered silk, made in France and has the most beautiful gold and beaded clasp (you can see the clasp clearer in the photo above). I bought it for next to nothing at a thrift shop a few years ago.
The square tapestry purse is a recent purchase (only yesterday!) I loved it's colours and the border around the outside.
The bottom right is also a recent thrift purchase. Again, I was attracted to the pretty colours.
The bottom left was bought at Ragpickers when I worked there in university. It was one of my first vintage purchases. I really like this bag. The photo doesn't really do it any justice. It's the most beautiful pale pink in person.

These two envelope clutches were both thrift purchases. I love, love, love them both! The embroidery on each one is in terrific condition. They are so pretty they elevate a simple jeans/t-shirt/heels outfit in an instant.

Here's the next batch for today. Crochet, cord and textured bags. 

If you follow me on instagram you saw this one yesterday. I bought it at Value Village for $7!!! Can you believe it?! I barely can. I was holding another bag (which I ended up leaving behind) when I saw it and my heart skipped a beat. Finding something this old in a thrift shop these days just doesn't seem to happen anymore. It was an incredible find.

This cord dancing bag (the strap is meant to be worn over your forearm while you are dancing) is another one of my favourites. It was bought at Ragpickers.

This funny guy was bought second hand fairly recently. It's so odd…I've never seen a persian lamb handbag before. I had to bring it home with me.

The crochet bag on the left is also a recent thrift purchase. I paid $3 for it at Salvation Army. I really like the tortoiseshell lucite and hinged centre clasp.

I've had the bag on the right for quite some time. I think it was bought at Ragpickers as well…you can see it needs a little love. It needs some spot cleaning and a few stitches where the gathers on the bag meet the top piece. I suppose I should get around to that one of these days! lol!

So that's it for today! I think there will be 2 or 3 more parts to this little Show and Tell series. 

What do you collect? Is there something you can't resist?

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Link Love #6

This weeks link love is all over the map. We start out with a wintry outfit and quickly move to a whole bunch of spring looks. I must be ready for winter to be over…

  • There isn't anything I don't love about this wintry outfit from Atomic Redhead. It's the perfect combination of vintage style and effortlessness - something I am striving toward with my wardrobe these days. 

  • Summer dreaming with Fleur over on Diary of a Vintage Girl. Love this hat (available to purchase here) and cluster of flowers. 

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good-bye. Hello! (OR Thank God for the Internet)

I have a little story to tell you today that starts out sad, but has a happy ending.

First let me introduce you to my favourite brooch:

There he is (yes, for some reason the little butterfly is a he). I bought him while I was working at Ragpickers in university. I love butterflies (if you couldn't tell already from my blog name) and I was instantly enamoured by his diminutive size and intricate metalwork details. I have no clue from what era he hailed from, but it didn't matter. I loved him anyway. 

Here he is hanging out among the flowers:

He always seemed to round out any collection of brooches on my lapel. He was a good bug. 

Well…I lost him. 

Last year while we were on the Munsch Tour. He was pinned to one of my cardigans and disappeared one day in some school somewhere in Winnipeg. 
I held it together all day after I found out he'd gone missing. When I got home I wept. Such a silly thing to cry over a lost brooch, but I was devastated that he was gone. That I had done him wrong and lost him - my favourite. That's not how we treat the things we love. 

That was almost a year ago now. And maybe just like buying a puppy after your trusted old hound passes away, I was finally ready for a new butterfly. It occurred to me last week that I might find a similar brooch for sale online. And boy was I right. 

Today my new little buddy was shipped out from California - I'm so excited! Here he is:

Very similar. And naturally, I have made a vow to safeguard him better than his predecessor. Wish me luck!

If you like this brooch I have many more styles saved on my Favourites list on Etsy. Check them out!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inspiration: Ulyana Sergeenko Strikes Again

My penchant for black and white has not waned this winter and I am lusting after this endlessly classic look from Ulyana Sergeenko.
I will be replicating this look come spring. It's still too cold here to rock a hat that doesn't cover my ears.

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Friday, February 14, 2014


Vintage Valentine for sale here.

The Boy and I don't celebrate Valentines Day, so we're just lying low at our house tonight like it's any other night. But this one is for you guys - my awesome readers! Thank you so much for stopping by here, taking an interest in this blog, leaving comments and generally being fabulous! It means so much to me. 


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