Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meet Chopper

As of this last Sunday we have a new addition to our family.

Meet Chopper. He's a 9 month old American Bulldog Boxer cross who we rescued this past weekend.
He was staying at our neighbours who rent a house across the street from us. His owner couldn't keep him because he was staying a place that didn't allow dogs. Chopper lived in the garage and never went in the house. The Boy fell in love with him. We knew he was a sweet dog who wanted to be loved. We kept asking our neighbours if we could buy him, but we never got a straight answer from them.

Last week our neighbours knocked on our door and asked us if we wanted to take Chopper. They told us that there had been too many complaints about him barking all night and day. The landlord told them no more dogs after July 1st. If we didn't take him Chopper was going to go to the pound.

He's a sweet, sweet boy who desperately needs some love and discipline. He only knows his name, no commands, but he's eager to learn. He's almost mastered "sit" in less than 4 days. And we've got to teach him to walk on a leash.

He and Dave get along great! They love to play with each other and share their beds.

We're so happy to have Chopper. He's been transitioning really well to living at our place.  We feel like he was always meant to be here.



  1. Congrats on your new addition! Both of your pups are adorable. Glad you got Chopper- I don't believe dogs should live in garages. It was probably miserable in there!

    ps- I found you from Chronically vintage!

  2. awww *.* they are both sooo adorable!
    and they really are men's best friends!

  3. They're both such cuties! That's awesome that they get along :-)

  4. Chopper is epically adorable!!!! Huge and very happy congrats on your new bundle of canine joy! I love that we each now have a dog who is half American bulldog (Annie's half AB and half lab). Another very cool things that we share in common! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. He is so sweet and bless you both for your big hearts! As a fellow dog lover, I salute you hehe. PS: Love your blog and your keen sense of fashion. Erin xx


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