Sunday, June 15, 2014

ModCloth's Polyvore Outfit Challenge: Chic & Tough

I was asked last week to be part of ModCloth's Uniquely You weekly Polyvore Outfit Challenge. I love ModCloth and was stoked to participate!
The challenge was easy peasy - ModCloth sent me an image of one of their dresses and I had to put together an outfit with other items from ModCloth's online store.

I was sent an image of their Twirl Next Door Dress. I have to be honest, I probably wouldn't have picked this dress myself, but you all know how much I love black and white, so it quickly grew on me with its bold, striped skirt.

I wanted to create an outfit I'd love to wear any day of the week. Something cute, comfortable, with an edgy, rockabilly vibe.

Chic & Tough

Nothing sets off a feminine dress like the I Love Amp studded leather jacket. I also love the casual rockabilly vibe that the Tweet of Foot Sandal from Miss L Fire brings to this outfit (I have been adoring these sandals from afar for too long now!!). I think these sandals are a bit unexpected with this dress, but I think they totally work together. The Retro Rosie EarringsSee Eye to Cat-Eye Glasses and Betsey Johnson Bling Outside the Box Clutch bring a little girly, vintage style to the look. I am also in love with watches right now and couldn't resist adding the Master of Timeless Watch in Dots to this look with its cute blue polka-dotted band.
I would wear this outfit out for lunch, out shopping, even out for drinks with friends! I think it translates to so many different events and venues - not too dressy, not too casual.

I'm totally in love with this look and desperately want all of these pieces in my wardrobe now! haha!

ModCloth has hundreds of dresses for sale. Here are a few with vintage style that could easily be switched out for the Twirl dress in my outfit above.

Georgia Gallivanting Dress

This was a fun challenge and not too difficult (hello, shopping?! right up my!). 

Have you ever bought anything from ModCloth?
Do any of you have those Miss L Fire Sandals?! How do they fit?


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  1. I love Modcloth -- their styles are so appealing. Plus, I have a friend who is friends with the couple who own it.


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