Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: Outfit Roundup

Another year has passed and it's time for the annual outfit roundup. I think I enjoy these posts as much as you folks do. It's interesting for me to look back and see what I wore this year.

Anyway. Here's a sartorial look at last year.

JANUARY. A perennial favourite of red, black and white. 

FEBRUARY. I took these photos in Snow Lake, Manitoba at a B&B we were staying at while I was on tour with PTE's presentation of Magical Mystery Munsch. This - and other variations on this theme - was pretty much my uniform on tour. 

MARCH. I was so tired of jeans, berets and t-shirts I spent days in skirts when I got home from tour. 

No Posts in APRIL. Not sure what happened there… so you get two for May:

MAY 1. This purse was a gift from the costume designer on a show I worked on this year. Best. Gift. Ever. 

MAY 2. My favourite dress. I cut my bangs again and started wearing my hair straight almost every day. 

JUNE 1. I love this outfit. It's a mish-mash of eras and that's what I love about it. 

JUNE 2. I bought a tripod in June and took dedicated outfit photos outside for the first time! 

JULY 1. Pink seemed to be my colour of choice for the first half of the summer. Perhaps due in part to the new-to-me vintage clutch I'm carrying in this photo.  

JULY 2. This outfit sums up my style for the year - vintage meets modern meets rockabilly. I loved the way this outfit made me feel. A little sexy and a little badass at the same time.

AUGUST 1. So after maxing out on pink in July I seem to have reverted back to blue in all of my outfits in August. 

AUGUST 2. Another blue outfit. I love the pattern mixing in this one. 

SEPTEMBER. I challenged myself to take an outfit photo every morning one week in September. This is my favourite from that week. 

OCTOBER. I wore this dress to the opening of a show I was stage managing. It's vintage. It's 50's. It's leopard print. Everything I love wrapped up in a dress. So why do I look so serious in this picture?!

NOVEMBER. Holy Grail Coat Number 1 - found. 

DECEMBER. Holy Grail Coat Number 2 - found. 
It was a good year for vintage winter coats. 

I'm really excited that I've finally started taking outfit photos outside this year. That was a major development for the 'ole blog. The quality of my photos is improving as well (note to self: stop taking outfit photos in front of the window in my dressing room). Go back up and take a look at how grainy January's photo is and then come back and check out December. Not too shabby..taking photos outside has many benefits. 
I'm also pretty impressed at the number of outfit posts I had to choose from for this year's roundup. Aside from not posting at all in April I did pretty good. 

Need more? Check out the outfit roundup posts from 2010, 2011 & 2012.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 A Year in Review

Holy !#@%!&  (Insert proper expletive here)

Is another year really gone?! I must be getting old. This year has flown by and it's time for the annual 'Year in Review' post. So here we go…

We started the year with some impromptu New Years plans. I was sick as a dog at the beginning of the year, but managed to pull it together so we could go out with Steph and Laura to Stargrill for drinks and cake.

The rest of January was a bit of a mixed bag. I showed off my favourite Christmas present from Mom: Grandma's Pearls.

And I invited you all to stalk me at work. I was stage managing Prairie Theatre Exchange's annual kids tour about Robert Munsch and we were blogging the entire time we were on tour. 

our set for the show 

February found me blogging about life on the road.

on our way to Norway House, Manitoba here

We spent the month touring around Manitoba, as far north as Lynn Lake, where I showed you this hotel room trapped in a time warp.

We spent Louis Riel Day in Dauphin enjoying some winter activities.

And I showed you some of the vintage loot I scored while we were on the road. 

We were still touring for most of March. We spent several days at Heather's parents beautiful heritage home in Brandon and I did A LOT of thrift shopping there. 

I shared photos of all the beautiful B&B's we stayed in while on tour. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Patrick Place, Yorkton, Saskatchewan

here we all are looking a bit tired and trying our best to behave while staying at Patrick Place

The Boy must have missed me while I was on tour because he surprised me with flowers on my return home!

When the tour was over I found myself with some much needed time off. I used it to re-organize my dressing room

I was back to work and still feeling the tiredness of the tour in April and did not post once. Whoops! Apparently it was a much needed blog break.

Work took me from the blog in May as well. I only posted four times! I was finishing up the second instalment of Angels in America with Winnipeg Jewish Theatre. It was a huge show that demanded a lot of my attention. 

Despite being a short month post-wise half of those posts were outfit posts. The other thing I shared with you was my wish for a vintage parasol. Still don't have one by the way…lol

this one is apparently still for sale here!

June always seems to be a good month for my blog. I posted a lot again this year. I posted a review on on of Winnipeg's newest vintage shops: The Foundre

I spent the month working for Shakespeare in the Ruins again. This year they presented Julius Caesar

Our friends Steph and Laura (who we spent New Years Eve with) got married. I love an excuse to get dolled up. 

I started an Instagram account (I'm totally addicted btw..) Follow me here.

there's my lady head vase I bought on tour!

And I finally bought myself a tripod!

July found me off work again this year for the summer. It was a tough season and I needed a pick me up. I am an optimist and decided to share the 12 Things Happy People do Differently with you. 

I reviewed another great vintage shop in Winnipeg: Rhymes with Orange.

I turned 31 this year (it's time to update the 'About Me' page… I think it still says I'm!!!). A small group of us celebrated at Hermano's - we had an incredible time. 

And I was nominated for a Leibster Award and shared some tidbits about myself with you. 

August found me finishing up what I started in my dressing room. I painted, we put in new carpet and hung drapes. It's my favourite room in the house. 

I was on a roll and did another vintage shop review. This time for Debbie's Vintage.

And I did some thrift shopping with my friend Leyan.

I was back to work, as usual, in September. This time I was working for Theatre Projects Manitoba on a new play: The Miser of Middlegate.

In an effort to post more everyday outfit photos, I shared a work outfit with you every day one week in September. 

October was a fun month for me on the blog. I bought an amazing vintage coat I've been on the hunt for. I've been longing for a green swing coat with a fur collar. This one was $25 from Value Village. 

 I shared my beauty regime with you in two posts: prep and makeup.

my favourite costume from the bunch. some version of this is in the running for next year I think

In November I shared my costume from Halloween with you. I went as Carmen Miranda!

I reviewed a book I bought: Minxy Vintage.

I shared that I did an interview with ShawTV one Sunday afternoon (still waiting to hear from them. It hasn't aired yet)

And did one last review of my favourite vintage shop: Vintage Glory.

I got my tree up early this December for a change (I didn't put the tree up at all last year, so I was anxious to have it up).

I shared my love of black and white this winter season with you.

Introduced a new link roundup series: Link Love.

And perhaps my my favourite post of the year: I shared a brief history of the Hudson's Bay Point Blanket after I showed you my new-to-me Vintage Point Blanket Coat.

It was a good year. And despite work being tiring and sometimes overwhelming I managed to post quite a lot this year. So I'm very happy with myself about that. 

I've got a few goals for myself and the blog for 2014 which I will share in the new year. Stay tuned for that!

How did 2013 treat you?

Need more? More 'Year in Review' posts: 2011 & 2012.


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