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5 Halloween Costumes for the Vintage Loving Gal (which are a bit sexy..)

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes at Halloween I do want to wear a costume that's a bit sexy.  I'm not talking Mean Girls sexy or anything (if you don't understand that reference, please click here.), I mean a costume with thought, but also a bit of sex appeal.

Well, there seem to be a lot of great halloween inspiration posts for vintage gals floating around, but nothing for a girl looking to be a bit provocative, yet still have a costume catered for her vintage aesthetic...I'm here for you friends.

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1. Carmen Miranda. For full the vintage glam effect, wear false eyelashes, perfect winged eyeliner and pouting red lipstick. For a more vintage authentic look make sure your skirt covers your bellybutton! No low slung skirts here! Also kick it up a notch with amazing repro (or authentic, if you dare!) peep toe platform shoes - the higher the better (Carmen was known for her sky high platforms!).The plus here is that you don't have to style your hair - the turban fruit hat hides all sins!

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2. Original Barbie. I love this idea, and hope to replicate it one year. All you need is a vintage style stripy bathing suit - many beautiful suits are available online (such as this one here), some sunglasses and heels. Again, makeup is everything with this look. Red lips, winged liner thick false eyelashes and some blue eyeshadow. Don't forget to pose like a doll all night - that will really sell the look!

3. Jessica Rabbit. This is easily the sexiest look on my list - and please don't feel the need to find a dress as revealing as the one pictured above. I think any slinky sparkly red dress will get the message across - just remember to slit it up one side to show those gorgeous gams! Purple long gloves and red pumps. Again, this look is all about makeup and hair. A red wig may be in order if you don't already have amazing long red hair. Once again, red lips are your friends, but to be Jessica, you need some bold purple eyeshadow, the usual winged liner and I would also add falsies to this look. A push up bra and some amazing sheer nude hose wouldn't hurt either.
For bonus points have your man dress up like Roger Rabbit.

4. Wonder Woman. Who wouldn't want to be a badass superhero for Halloween? Wonder Woman is a great iconic character with a little vintage style and tons of sex appeal. The trick not to look trashy in this costume is not not buy it at your local party store. Invest some time and resources to get a red bustier and glam it up yourself with gold accents, buy a pair of blue high waisted tap pants from American Apparel or a dancewear store and paint on the starts with fabric paint. This is a great tutorial for making superhero boots with a few supplies and little money.
Simple makup is the name of the game here. nude lips and subtle liner and lashes. Set your hair in curls and voila!

unsourced via Pintrest

5. I Dream of Jeannie. The first woman to bear her complete midriff and bellybutton on national television?! How much sexier and provocative can you get than that!? haha! I love this costume and it's versatility in flesh baring options. If you want to be more covered, wear an opaque pant and opt for the high waisted early Jeannie costume option. You could also cheat a bit and wear a long sleeved cropped jacket instead of a vest. Or, go for a more revealing look with a low slung, sheer legged harem pant, bra top and vest.
Jeannie's makeup is all about the eyes. Thick black liner and I would opt for falsies with this costume as well for maximum eye batting potential. Again, a nude, or pretty sheer pink lip and you're set!
Bonus points for dressing your man up like Major Nelson.

So there you have it. 5 slightly sexy (some more sexy than others..) Halloween Costumes with a vintage twist.

For more vintage costume inspiration visit my Pintrest board here!



  1. I love the original barbie costume! I would have never of thought of that one, great round up:)

  2. Awesome post. I totally forgot about Halloween. But I agree these costumes are definitely classics. The superwoman is my favorite.

  3. Oh-la-spooky-la, these really great! I'm not a fan of uber sexy Halloween attire personally, but could probably work up the courage to sport at least some of these. The vintage Barbie in particular has me smitten. I've got my costume (it's a surprise) all picked out for this year, but will tucking that idea away for future years for sure. Great October 31st themed post, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I LOVE the Barbie idea!! I've done Jessica and Jeannie before, and they are such fun! And my friend has done Carmen Miranda before!


  5. The barbie idea seems to be a big hit! I think it's a great costume too!

    Move over 'Day of the Dead' costumes...I'm predicting 'original Barbie' will be the next big thing for vintage gals!


  6. i bought my vintage barbie a striped bathing suit ... but i haven't found one for myself yet ... what a fun idea!


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