Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outfits: Backyard Barbecue

The Boy, Dave and I headed to a friends house for a barbecue today. This post is not about the's about something much more important! My outfit! lol!

Here it is:

I know you don't often see me in flats, but really...who wants to walk around someone's backyard in heels? Or wedges? Too casual an occasion for that. 

And this skirt? You've seen it before, but I adore it. I wear it constantly in the summer. It goes with everything. I bought it at the defunct Vintage Glory for $15! Well worth every penny. 
Oh, and the purse was a steal too! Goodwill: $2! :)

Hair Flower: Claire's
Pink Tank Top: Smart Set
Vintage Flower Brooch: Thrifted
White Rattan Belt: Thrifted 
Vintage Floral Skirt: Vintage Glory
White Crochet Flats: Le Chateau
Vintage Straw Purse: Thirfted
Green Cashmere Cardigan: Smart Set



  1. Love the print of your skirt!

  2. Thea - Someone put a lot of work into this skirt. It's home-made and each floral piece is just that, a strip of floral fabric separated by a blue strip of fabric and trimmed at the bottom with another floral piece of fabric. I love it!


  3. Beautiful colours in that outfit. The skirt is especially gorgeous! :)


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