Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Room Wanted

Last weekend I made a much needed change to my dressing room. My tiny closet was overflowing again and spilling onto the floor. I was in desperate need of more room to hang things.

Thankfully, being the clothes hoarder that I am, I have several clothes racks in my basement. And recently I sold almost everything on one of them. So after some measuring and some thinking I lugged it upstairs, re-arranged my dresser and shoe shelf and hung all of my dresses on the rack.

Aaahhhh!! The clouds parted, angels sang and light reined down upon me! It was exactly what I needed in there. It gave me another shelf to put some of my summer purses and my hat boxes (which had also been floating around on the floor), and the shelf below to store more shoes!

Looking at my dresses hung here like this every day makes me super happy!

I'd like to get some more white plastic hangers for them so they all time.

And of course Dave had to get in on the photo shoot action. Cutie!

Behold the ugly brown shag carpet! This too will change in time. 

Now I've got way more room in my regular closet for the rest of my clothes. I wish I would have thought of this sooner!



  1. I yearn for the day when I can have a rolling rack as my closet! Your pruse collection is lovely. I can not believe I have never come across your blog before either! I love my vintage I added you to my "winnipeg blogger" links look forward to following you as well:)

  2. Daphne - Thank you! I am a serious clothes hoarder and have almost every closet in our house filled with long as my boyfriend doesn't complain I just keep buying! lol! It's really my only vice so I don't fight it.
    Thanks for following my blog! I look forward to reading yours!


  3. Awwww! Your wardrobe is fantastic! I also have loooots of clothes but almost always wear the same shorts, ballerinas and only vary in shirts. One of the reasons to start a blog was that this motivates me to wear all my beautiful clothes, not only the same shorts-shirts =)


  4. I've recently bought some 'non slip' hangers from Amazon. They are so good and they work very well.

    They are covered by a kind of fuzzy fabric.

  5. I've been getting black velvet-covered/no-slip hangers from WR Display (on Plyouth currently but will be moving the Higgins), they are so rad! Ahh, I'm officially inspired to really crack down on organizing my closet and lingerie cabinet now!


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