Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mom's Birthday Lunch

Yesterday my brothers, The Boy and I took my Mom out for lunch for birthday. We had plans to go to another restaurant, but it was closed on Mondays so at the last minute we decided to try out UNBURGER. None of us had ever been and let me tell you we will go back again!

It's not often we're all out together so much silliness usually ensues. 

The restaurant is very hip and modern. And yes, the food is VERY tasty! lol!

You order from a counter when you walk into the restaurant and we got Woody here for our table marker. He didn't have his cowboy hat, so we gave him two coke bottle tops. 

The Boy ordered some "Edamommy" for us to start with.

The sweet potato fries are so good! My Mom and I orderes "Shareables" which is regular and sweet potato fries with two side dips. We got chipotle and rosemary garlic aioli. The chipotle aioli was my favorite.

This is the Opah! burger. It was delicious as well...mmmm....I want to go back and have another one...

After dinner I asked The Boy to take some photos of us. We only managed to get one serious photo...

Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!



  1. What fun! Many happies to your Mum. Bye the way, what is a 'chipotle'?

  2. Maureen - chipotle is smoke-dried jalapeno. It's got a hot smoky flavour as you'd imagine. It's a deep, rich flavour.



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