Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspiration: Dita Casual

I'm on a bit of a Dita kick these days. Mostly because I just pre-ordered her new beauty book "Your Beauty Mark" on Amazon the other day. (I'm so excited!!!)

As much as I love Dita when she's fully glamed out, I love her even more in her casual looks. Especially in the summer because I can emulate these looks easily.

Here are some of my favourites:

Sorry folks, I'm not entirely sure where most of these came from. Probably Just Jared...cause I'm a creep like that...let me know if you know where a photo came from and I'll link to them. Or if one of these photos is yours and you don't want it posted here let me know and I'll remove it! 



  1. I especially like the shorter skirt outfits that she's got in these images, and also the last one. She's a great hat wearer too!

  2. Garofit - I think the first photo is my favourite, followed closely by the one with the black and white striped bag.


  3. Wow, that women has style, so jealous of her amazing dresses! x


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