Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Not mine of you know, mine was last month. August is my brother Matt's birthday month! (you may remember Matt's party from last year)

I always buy Matt vintage for any gift, birthday, Christmas, whatever. And this year is no exception.

Matt loves sweater vests. This one had his name written all over it.

I especially love the 40's clip on bow tie. (Both bought at Vintage Glory!)

I also picked up a little something for myself. Vintage Glory is undergoing a bit of a transformation right now. Two lovely ladies have taken over the ladies clothing. And the whole works will be moving next door in about a months time. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to this in September!

But back to the goodies...this lovely enamel brooch is from the girls at Oh So Lovely. Look at the pretty little box it came in! Love it! :)

The Boy also had his first foray into the world of vintage. He looked great in this blue western style shirt! I can't believe he bought it! I think it's my good influence on him. ;)

At any are a few photos from the party last night.

My brothers and I horsing around! We're so rarely all in the same was nice.

The night ended with a nerfball fight. It was funny...and fun!


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