Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amazing Fluffy Find

Once again my Thrifting Spidey Sense (I think it's earned capitalization...) has struck again.

This time while driving past my local Goodwill. Upon walking in, one of the very friendly staff told me there was a vintage crinoline for sale. She also told me that in two days they were having a 25% off sale and if I came early it still might be there.

This of course would not do. With or without the discount I was taking home that crinoline.

Want to know the best part? When I went to pay for my new pretty treasure, the staff member gave me
25% off that day!

The moral of the story: it pays to frequent your local thrift store and get to know the staff. :)



  1. That is sooo pretty. Looks like it's in great shape too! Great find!

  2. Wow, lucky you! That is such an amazing find!


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