Monday, July 4, 2011

Ice Cream Outfit

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning house. It desperatly needed it. I think my favorite thing in the world is a clean house. It's just so unfortunate that it takes so much work the get that feeling! lol!

When I was done I decided to treat myself to some ice cream, so I freshened up, put Dave in the car and went to Dairy Queen for my favorite: an Oreo Blizzard!

This is what I wore:

As you can see I really love to emulate a subtle vintage look with high street clothing. The only drawback I'm finding with high street clothing right now is the desperate search to find high waisted items. I'm long in the rise and have a difficult time finding things that hit my waist. These white shorts from Forever 21 say high waisted on the tag, but as you can see they're about and inch or two away from hitting my waist. grrr...

I am also loving my new tooled leather purse and these shoes! I'm wearing them a lot! What can I say? They just go with everything. Walmart had these shoes in black as well and I'm really tempted to go buy them. We'll see what happens...

White Headband: Ricki's
Locket: Thrifted
Blouse: Ricki's
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: George (Walmart)
Vintage Leather Purse: Thrifted

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers! And I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


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  1. Ice cream on a hot day ... especially an oreo blizzard! YUM


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