Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not today. I turn (gasp!) 29. lol!

Anyway...yesterday I bought myself a birthday gift. I usually try to buy myself a birthday dress for my party, but that was just not in the cards this year. Instead I bought a plethora of lovely hats!

I've been so inspired by the lovely hats worn on Bright Young Twins recently that I was determined to get some of my own.
And if you remember this Wishlist post I've been wanting a lovely 40's tilt hat for some time.

I made three stops yesterday, but it was Ruby Slipper that was the ace in the hole. They had so many amazing hats in stock it took some time to narrow down my choices.

And please excuse my frizzy hair! It's so humid here you can barely breath when you're outside! My 'do went totally flat and frizzy today...  :(

Here's what I brought home with me:

This lovely lady was the first to go in the pile at Ruby Slipper. I'm not sure if she's 50's or 60's. Either way I really love the sculptured bow on top. It's so eye catching! I've got some chic high street dresses this will look amazing with!

This cute little 50's number was next on the pile. It looks black in the photos, but she's actually navy. And as you know I've got a weakness for anything red, white and or blue these days.

I'll have to wait to wear this one till fall/winter. She's from 1940. The owner had labelled all of the items she sold with the date. I bought a coat today with a date label on it as well. I just love, love, love the pom pom feathers on top.

This is another sweet 50's number I plan on wearing with a day dress. I can't resist a hat with flowers and netting.

OK. Brace yourself my friends for the next few hats. These are the real winners of the day in my book.

Speaking of flowers on hats, I would have never forgiven myself for leaving this 40's beauty at the store. I can't wait to wear her out!

This is the only hat I bought somewhere else today. I found her at Ragpickers. She's a 40's tilt hat!! Yeah! I was so excited when I saw her on the shelf! I'd really like to add some grey netting to this hat.

I've saved the best for last. This is my favorite hat of the day. Another 40's tilt hat!!! Double Yeah!! She may not be as visually dramatic as some of the others, but she in nonetheless my favorite of the bunch. I love the sculptured straw. It's navy! :) I'm bought some vintage millinery flowers at Ruby Slipper as well and I'm planning on adding a punch of colour to her.

I kindof can't believe I bought so many, but when it's good you've got to go with it. Plus, you only turn 29 once, right?



  1. What finds!
    I love, love, love, the one with the red flowers!

  2. Those are some very lovely hats! Happy Birthday!!

  3. I love them all! Hope you will have a wonderful brithday!

  4. They're all wonderful! I wish you a very happy birthday! :)


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