Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Photos 2: Family and Fashion

Well, The Winnipeg Fringe is up and running, as is our show. And as ususal, the combination of late night shows, work and the odd night closing the beer tent has left me tired.

I thought today would be a good day to share more family photos with you.

 The young girl in the photo above is my Aunt Louise.

I just love the striped dress. It's so unique.

These ladies' outfits are also amazing!

I adore this photo! I just love the combination of the tailored gentleman under the umbrella reading on the rustic threshing machine. I want to frame this photo.

This is my Grandpa Cotton and my Aunt Louise.

 Another one of my Grandpa Cotton milking. Another photo I love.

Hope you loved the photos!


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  1. I love them I love all old photos but especially ones that have a family history.The one with your GD milking the cow should be framed I love it.BTW I got your blog from miss penny Dreadful and I am now your neswest follower.Am going thru your posts Love them


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