Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Outfits: Inspired Layering

I saw this outfit on Keiko Lynn's blog the other day and LOVED it!

So, of course I had to re-create my own version of it. Surprisingly enough it was raining here today! I don't own a coloured open cardigan, so I wore a coloured dress and wore one of my black cardigans instead.

I just bought the purse at Goodwill the other day and had to wear them with these shoes. Is it wrong to wear matching patent shoes and purse? I don't really care... I already did it. :P

I love these shoes. I call them my witchy shoes. I feel like the belonged to the Wicked Witch of the West. "I'll get you my pretty!" haha!

Vintage Rhinestone Earrings: Thrifted (bought last week for $4 at Goodwill!!)
80's Leather Jacket: Vintage Glory
Black Open Cardigan: Suzy Shear
Pink and Purple Floral Print Dress: Smart Set
Purple Tights: Walmart
Pink Leather Belt: Thrifted
60's Black Patent Mary Janes: Ragpickers
Black Patent Purse: Thrifted

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Corn and Apple Festival post! Take care!


U.S.E.D. Purse

As promised, here is the purse I bought at the Morden Corn and Apple Festival:

Please go check out their website! They are a family owned and run business that is making beautiful products out of stuff that would otherwise end up in our landfills. 


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Morden Corn and Apple Festival

Today The Boy, his parents and I went to the Morden Corn and Apple Festival. Here is a little blurb about the festival I borrowed from the website:

In 1925 Morden, Manitoba was designated as the Corn and Apple Belt. The long, warm growing season made this area of the prairies unique for the growing of corn and apple crops. The first Morden Corn and Apple Festival was held in 1967 to commemorate Canada's Centennial celebrations.

There is free corn and apple cider all afternoon. In fact all of the events in the festival are free. There was a car show today (unfortunatly it was raining while we were at the car show), tractor pulls, mud bogging races and tons of other stuff!
We had a great time!

Here are a few of my favorite cars from the car show.

I can't remember what this one is. It's a 1940 Ford something. This is it's original condition. No restoration!

I can't remember what this one is either! haha! I just think it's pretty.

This one is a '58 Edsel. This was by far my favorite car at the show. That colour is amazing!

Morden also happened to have my dream house! If you own this house please contact me. I would like to buy it!


This house was built in 1899! There was an old gravestone in the front garden from the 1800's! It was so cool!

See the stone with the date on it? 1899. Neat.
We also saw this tree almost in the middle of the road on a side street. It was like a little island of grass surrounded by pavement.


Here is some more of the festival.

Free corn is delicious!!

I bought a new purse at one of the vendors: U.S.E.D. It's made of recycled seatbelts. I also forgot to take a picture. I'll show you tomorrow. Check out their website! They're stuff is AMAZING!!

The Boy's Mom's family is from that area, so after we left Morden we headed West to the VERY small town of Darlingford. There is a beautiful old school house there that has been converted into a museum. It was closed when we got there, but we did get to check out it's cool fire escape. Wouldn't it be awesome if all fire escapes were this cool? I would wish for more fires! haha! Imagine how fun thier fire drills were!!


I couldn't resist pretending I was coming down the tube! haha!

Some prairie sky from the car window for you. Manitoba is so beautiful!

We had a really great day. Hopefully you all had a great weekend too.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Puppy Bloopers

Last year I posted some Puppy Bloopers. They were a big hit! Dave is still quite interested in the whole photoshoot process so he is still getting in the way from time to time. Usually it just makes me laugh.


Sometimes I don't even know he's in the shot until I look at all the photos. Silly dog!

He would not stay out of the shot on this day. This is me saying to The Boy "Please help me and call the dog!" haha!

Dave looks a little like a deer caught in the headlights here! Busted!

This one made me laugh! I look like I've given up! haha!

Isn't he handsome?!

I'm helping Matt move today. So no outfit. I'll be in jeans and a t-shirt for sure! Happy Saturday!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outfits: A Little Bit Nautical

This is one of my "Go To" casual outfits! I wear it a lot! I'm actually surprised I haven't photographed it yet.

Wednesdays we get stock at work which means I sometimes end up on a ladder in the backroom or opening dirty boxes. So it's always best to wear something a little more sensible to work on Wednesdays. (This is usually as sensible and casual as I get for going out)

I love nautical inspired clothes and this outfit, I feel, just hints at nautical without being cheezy.

Earrings: Ricki's 
White Cotton Pointelle Cardigan: Kenar (Winners)
Blue and White Striped Ruffle Front Cami: Ricki's
 Denim Capris: Ricki's
Red Peep Toe Wedges: George
Red Straw Clutch: Thrifted


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It Just Feels Wrong!

It's official! I'm starting to think about/wish for fall. Its kinda feels wrong since it's still pretty summery here in Winnipeg. We're getting touches of fall weather, but we've still got hot days. Sunday was +40 with the humidex! I feel like I'm betraying summer by wanting fall to come.

I blame the new clothes I bought yesterday at Joe. They're just SO cute!

Honestly, it's really a toss up which is my favorite season: summer or fall. I adore hot summer nights, vintage sun dresses, open toed shoes, shopping downtown boutiques, patios; but fall has that great mild weather which is perfect for a light jacket and boots. I love the rain in fall and the smell of the leaves changing. Not to mention the most perfect weather for layering, because I always say more is more!

So here's what I bought:

This grey cardigan came in 3 other colours. I'll probably end up buying at least one more. I LOVE the ruffle! I can't wait to wear it belted with a pencil skirt. Or tucked into a full skirt with knee socks and mary janes with a great brooch!

This purple sweater (whose colour isn't showing up well in any of my photos!) was a total impulse buy! (well actually they all were, but whatever! haha!) I couldn't resist the sleeve length and the flowers on the shoulder. I'm just a sucker for girly embellishments. That and I love purple. This one came in about 6 other colours. I want to wear this one with denim capris, socks and my purple oxfords. Or tucked into a skirt with tights, oh! and a long scarf.
Apparently I only have one pose going today! "I'm a little teacup!" Haha!

I also couldn't resist these adorable shoes. They're wool! And the bow! SO CUTE!!

So there it is. The anticipation for fall has begun. Sorry Summer.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Outfits: Late Sunday Dinner

So by Sunday night I was feeling human again (despite a slightly sore throat from too many coughing fits this weekend). The Boy was desperate to go out so we decided to go to our favorite sushi place for a late Sunday night dinner.

So I had a shower and got ready to go out. I know you've seen this dress before, but here it is accessorized.

Dress: BIZZ
Earrings: Ricki's
Crinoline: Vintage Glory
Silver Bangles: Gift from The Boy's Mom (from Mexico)
Red Peep Toes: Le Chateau
Red Straw Clutch: Thrifted

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