Friday, April 30, 2010

Long Absence... seems I've done it again. I've left you for weeks without notice.

It's been a trying couple of weeks...

As you know -as it has kept me from posting regularly- work has been very busy and stressful. Well I won't go into detail, but I quit my job this week. It just wasn't working out. I of course have a new job I will be starting next Tuesday. Reception/Administration for a family run business. I have high hopes of course as we all do before the start of a new job.

In lighter news, my show opened last night! It was a great show! A sold out house!


by Judith Thompson, directed by Arne MacPherson

April 29-May 1 & May 5-8, 2010 8pm curtain
Pay What You Can Performances - April 29 (8pm) & May 1 (2pm)

Aqua Books - 274 Garry Street
Tickets $15 (regular) $10 (student/senior) at (204) 943-7555

We had a preview article printed in the Winnipeg Free Press yesterday. You can read it here.

If you live in Winnipeg, please come see the show!  We'd love to have you!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

After May Moons, Photos Surface...

So after many many weeks, I find out that the club we went to for Jen's Bachelorette party has a Facebook page and posted some photos of me...not that I'm terribly surprised as there was a guy I don't know taking photos of my while I was dancing...

Well anyway, here they are:

Someone at the party took this one. We had a pole in the VIP room. We all had a spin!!:

I had a busy weekend! Hope you all had a good one!


Monday, April 5, 2010

A Response: A Day in the Life of Series

Thank you again to everyone who commented on my 50's housewife post!
I expected many irate readers to bash me on my backwards thinking!
But no!

I'm happy to discover that I am not the only one who is tired from attempting to do it all! It's very nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Many of the women I work with do not share my opinion and value thier careers above all else. It makes me feel like wanting to stay home is wrong, wrong wrong...

But I digress. As the comments poured in I began to think about a typical "Day in the Life of Lisa". And as it turns out there are currently a few versions.

So I thought I would share them with you. I'll start with a weekend rehearsal day.

This was my day last Sunday.

I woke up on my own (no alarm!) at 9:00ish. (It is important to note that this is sleeping in for me as I wake up at 5:50am on weekdays! I got up without waking The Boy or Dave.

I made coffee, then sat on the couch and checked my email and blog. These are my favorite moments. The house was quiet, the sun was's just good.

As usual, I sat on the couch too long and had to rush around to get ready:

Put on my makeup.

Pack a lunch. (I always pack a lot of food because I never know what I'll want to eat later.) In hindsight this looks like a lunch for a little kid. Good thing I'm immature! haha!

Gather my things.

Then I headed to our rehearsal space downtown. I didn't take any photos of us rehearsing (I didn't want to be disruptive), but here's the lobby of the place we were in.

I had a little break from rehearsing my scenes in the afternoon, so I worked on my lines for a bit.

When rehearsal was over at 3:00pm I headed home. Got home around 3:30 and helped the boy with some yardwork.

We had to leave the pup inside. He was getting in the way. He was very sad that he was left out...

We went in and I made an early dinner of sandwiches, pickles and some chips at The Boy's request

After dinner we sat on the couch. The boy did some reading. I surfed the internet for shoes I can't afford. Dave lounged in the sun.

At about 6:00pm The Boy went out to do boy things and I stayed home to watch Deadwood.

Around 7:30 I got hungry again so I ate a chocolate cupcake and a glass of milk.

Dave and I watched Deadwood for at least three hours and fell asleep on the couch.

Dave is out cold!

My view from under the covers

The Boy came home, woke us up and we all headed for bed around midnight.

As you can see, Sunday? Not so stressful. I'll show you A typical day at work soon and a day at work with a rehearsal after (that's a doozy...).

Take care!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

One Down, How Many to Go? (Plus an Outfit Post!)

I'm SO excited! I finally bought brogues!!! The first thing on my wishlist I've bought! Next on my list is a motocycle jacket. Maybe next payday. Something about spring makes me want to fill my closet with more clothes. How about you?
I found a pair at Aldo in my price range for $50! And They're exactly what I wanted! Behold!

Aren't they cute with the cut-outs? I think so too!

So, of course I had to wear them last night Jen and I went out for a few drinks.

This is what I wore. Another tee-shirt and jeans outfit (as I said, my usual weekend uniform), we were just heading to a pub, so getting all dolled up wasn't necessary. I did do my hair though with very cute results I thought!

Black Cardigan: Ricki's
Flower Brooch: Smart Set
No Doubt Tee: Bought as the concert last summer!
Cropped Jeans: Ricki's
Brogues!! Aldo

Green Canvas Jacket: Smart Set
Rhinestone Brooch: Vintage Sherman!
Leopard Print Scarf: Ricki's
50's Black Leather Purse: Vintage (I brought it for $1 in a rural thrift store! Score! It has a red leather lining!)

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post! Work is still tough and very busy. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one.
I'm working on a post in response for tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

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