Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pleasantly Surprised!

I just love learning more about my collection. I was browsing the Posh Girl Vintage website this morning and found this:

This dress is for sale right now!

Look familiar? Well I think it bears a striking resemblance to my dress from this post:

Posh Girl is calling this dress 40s. I was told mine was 50s. While both might be true I am pleased to a) find a similar style out there in the world to compare my own to (and Posh Girl says they are increasingly hard to find which also pleases me!) b) discover that my dress might be older than I originally thought!

Do go have a look at Posh Girl's dress! It is beautiful!


Friday, February 26, 2010

I'M BACK! (Outift Extravaganza!)

Oh I missed you all! It's so great to have my laptop back!

I have been thinking of you all this past week and taking photos of my outfits (well the good ones at least!). So here they are, all rolled up into one post! And in no particular they are!

I wore this late last week (the exact date is escaping me at the moment). I felt very parisian. Maybe it was the beret...

Crystal Necklace: Vintage
Fooler Blouse/Vest: Laura
Black and White Stretch Belt: Le Chateau
Skirt: Ricki's (shortened by me)
Satin Ankle Boots: The Bay

I wore this yesterday to work:

Feather Flower Headband: Le Chateau
Faux Pearls: Thrifted
Grey Dress: H&M
T-Straps: Spring

I just bought these trousers last week on sale at Jacob. I can't stop wearing them! I'm also wearing my satin ankle boots again for this outfit. They're my go-to winter shoes. They've got a great rubber sole, perfect for slippery sidewalks!

This is my casual look (for work at least). Replace the trousers with jeans and that's me on a regular weekend.

White Cardigan: Winners
Navy Striped Tee with Bow: H&M
Grey Patent Belt: Joe
Grey Cotton Sateen Trousers: Jacob
Satin Ankle Boots: The Bay

This is my favorite look from this past week. It's sparkle meets rock and roll I think.

Black Sequin Beret: Le Chateau
Crystle Drop Earrings: Vintage
Black Bedroom Jacket with Rhinestone Clasp: Laura
No Doubt Tee Shirt: Bought it at the concert last summer!
Rhinestone Bracelets: Le Chateau
Rubber Bracelets: Claire's
Black Satin Belt with Faux Rhinestone Buckle: Vintage
Grey Cotton Sateen Trousers: Jacob
Silver Pumps: The Bay
Red Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Thanks for bearing with me the last week! You never really realize how dependant we become on technology until it's not there anymore. The Boy and I wanted to see a movie last week and we were like "how do we find out what's on without the internet?!" We totally forgot that in the stone age people used to check the paper for movie times. Well what do you know? They still print them!! Haha!

Watch out tomorrow for another outfit post! The Boy and I are going to my friend Jen's wedding. Sometimes it feels like everyone I know is getting married...pretty soon it will be baby showers...'s good to be back!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Withdrawl Continues...

Hello lovely readers!

My computer is still in the process of rehabilitation. It's taking longer than we thought (isn't everything like that?!). I have been told I will have it for sure on Friday. Let's hope!

In the meantime I've been taking photos of my outfits this week and will post them all in one Outfit Post Extravaganza! (I just love a good binge after a period of withdrawl don't you?)

So please don't worry... I'll be back.
Just sit tight..


Friday, February 19, 2010

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties! Please Stand By!

My computer got hit with a serious virus this week! And The Boy's dad is in the process of rehabilitating my laptop this weekend. I will definately be going through withdrawl... *sigh*

So, please bear with me as I won't be posting anything fot the next three days.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Talk to you next week!

Lisa. xo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wishlist: 40's Tilt Hat

I have wanted a tilt hat since I worked at Harlequin Costume and Dance a few years ago. They have a few beautful hats in thier rental collection that I rented a few times while a worked there. I've been on the hunt for the perfect hat since.

Well I feel that day coming closer with my new job and my increased pay. That combined with the fact that The Boy has a credit card and a Paypal account. I think I'll be buying one this spring online!!

I've got my eye on these lovely ladies:

These two are from Past Perfect Vintage

40's Felt Tilt Hat with Mouton. $55 US

40s Fushia Felt Hat with Ginko Leaves. $65 US

I also spotted these two at Couture Allure Vintage:

40s Felt Tilt with Pink Flowers and Veil. $35 US

40s Purple Felt Tilt with Felt Flower. $55 US

As I post these images it's becoming clear to me that I'm clearly wanting a hat with flowers on it! haha! I do like the idea of a hat with a veil. I'd also like one made of straw if I could find it. Then I might be able to wear it in the summer. Maybe two tilt hats then? One of felt for winter and one made of straw for summer!

I'll be sitting down with The Boy this week to do the shipping and currency math to see how reasonable one of these pretties might be.
I'll let you know what happens!!

Lisa. xo

Monday, February 15, 2010

Store Hunting Adventure!

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I hate to publish anything without eye candy!

I keep hearing that there is a new vintage clothing store on Osborne Street. So I've made it my personal mission to see if this is true or not.

So on Friday I went out with my brother Matt to see if we could find it. We left totally unprepared, without looking in the Yellow Pages or even trying to find any information online. It made the trip more of an adventure!

On a side note: I tried to take Matt to Ruby Slipper again and they were closed. Again! Very frustrating...

Anyway, after getting over our dissapointment, we headed to The Village. First we hit up Osborne Antiques which is a huge antique store filled to the brim with anything and everything you could possibly want/imagine! I've noticed on recent trips that they're starting to carry a respectable collection of clothing for men and women. Lots of old military jackets and hats for the fellas. And lots of fur, bags and other pretties for the ladies and many other wonderful treasures!! I'm hoping to take my camera with me next time I go and do a proper review for you all! I tried on a faboulous 40's dress, only to take it into better light and find out the reason it was $15 was because the pattern had bled. Oh well...
Before leaving I asked if the owner had heard of a new store in the area. He said no, but did tell me I should head across the street to Vintage in the Village.

So we did just that! What a great store! How could I have never heard of it before! I felt so out of the loop. Vintage in the Village is filled with beautiful mid century modern furniture at very reasonable prices! Lots of great atomic style lamps and vintage light fixtures!
And their jewelry collection was outstanding! And priced to sell! This is my kind of place! A whole room filled with pretties! I'll be going back for sure. There was one rack of clothes at the back of the store. Nothing on it interested me on this trip, but I have a feeling if one was ambitious and stopped by frequently there would be treasure to be found!

After this stopped we jumped into the car and headed out of The Village to South Osborne. I had read a street style article in the paper and the girl featured said she bought her dress second hand at a store called Just a Second on Osborne. So we went to go find it.

I swear I drove up and down that street a million times before I found it! We pulled over and parked and did our best not to get hit by Friday afternoon rush hour traffic as we excitedly ran across the street.

Let me just prefice this next bit by saying I have a touch of ADD. This usually gets me into trouble. "Oh! Shiny! What's that?", but on Friday it payed off! As we walked towards our destination I my head swiveled in all directions as I took in our surroundings. And then! I saw ANOTHER VINTAGE STORE on a side street!!! I grabbed Matt and dragged him in.

I had found i candy vintage. A sweet little shop the size of a postage stamp filled with carefully selected treasures! Good prices and very beautiful pieces in this store! I would highly reccomend it to any vintage shopper! The owner told us they had just opened in that location in December. I for one am planning to take a trip back.

So, back on track...we walked out of i candy vintage and down the street to Just a Second. At this point I was bursting with excitment!! All of this was just too much for me to be calm!!

And then we walked into Just a Second. It was a bit of a let down after what we had just been through. It was not a vintage clothing store, but a regular thrift store. Now this is all well and good, but this thrift store had a bad smell and the clothing was nowhere near vintage (not even an 80's item in sight!!). The clothes seemed to be rammed on the racks willy nilly with no rhyme or reason. Mens, ladies, childrens, it was all mushed together. Not my cup of tea. Some of the furniture was decent, but I wasn't looking for furniture. After about 3 minutes I looked at Matt and said "I think it's time to leave". He agreed.

After all of this I bought nothing. The trip was really to find Just a Second. Which we did. And I'm pretty sure it's not the new store I keep hearing about...

The moral of the story is that as always: Life is the Journy, Not the Destination!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day Hangover

Last night was awesome! So awesome I got home at 4am!

First we met up at Jenn's sisters house and had a few cocktails and appetizers, then we went to see strippers (female strippers...Jenn, like me thinks that male strippers are ridiculous!), then went to a nearby club for some dancing! Afterwards we went out for a late night bite.

I'm nursing a headache today. It's a good thing The Boy and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because I'm tired! I hope those of you who do celebrate have a great day today!

Here's the only picture I deemed appropriate to post online. Sorry, I just can't bring myself to post the others.

Me and Jenn


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tutorial/Outfits: Girl's Night Out!

My girlfriend Jenn is getting married in two weeks and tonight is her bachlorette! I'm pretty excited! I look forward to any excuse to dress up, but tonight is going to rock! Jenn is one of my closest friends and her friends are a blast! It should be a fun night (I'll post photos tomorrow where appropriate!)!

So not only have I included tonights outfit, but I thought it might be fun to show you how I do my hair when going out.

 My retro obssession started with a show I did a few years back where the director wanted me to be a cutesy pin-up girl. So of course I did some research on a 40s look, which naturally lead me to pincurls. We ran the show for a month outdoors, so I became a bit of a master at them.

Well, if you've tried pincurls before you know they can be a bit of a pain. Patience is key as well. Nothing is worse than taking out wet pincurls. So this is where I came up with this method of "pincurling" my hair with a curling iron.

Here's my before hair. As you've seen before, it's a modern cut:

Here's my hair post "pincurling" and setting:

This is how I got to this stage:
1.To get to this stage start with day two hair. Washing your hair before a set will never work. Hair needs to be a bit "dirty". If I feel like my hair is still too clean I put some product in it. Lots of girls use Lottabody for staying power, I have yet to find a place in Winnipeg that sells it. So I use a combination of Dippity-Do and mouse on dry hair. This makes my hair a little wet, so I brush it and let it dry out a bit (note: this can tend to make my hair a little crunchy after I take out my curls. I just brush this out a little to soften the hair).

2. I then curl 1-2" sections of my hair with my 1" barrel curling iron. Starting at the top of my head. Curl the iron as if you were curling it onto a hot roller, rolling the hair over itself.  Like this:

3. Curl the section of hair all the way to the base of the hair shaft and let it sit until the hair is hot. Unroll the hair and then pincurl it while it's still hot and pin it to your head with a bobby pin.

4. Curl your whole head this way. This is a great method to use if you like to duplicate 40's hairstyles. It really lends itself to all those fancy setting patterns. I prefer this method to hot rollers because you can control how big or small you make your curls (like those pesky short hairs around the side and back of your head!).

5. Let your hair cool completely. I usually leave it for at least half an hour. If I have time I leave it for 1 hour.

6. Take out your curls. You'll probably look like Shirley Temple! Like this:

7. Style your hair as you choose! Brush your hair into rolls, let it be free and curly, or any combination! I usually just start brushing, see where my hair lies and go with it. Here's both sides before I put makeup on:

So without furthur adieu, here's what I'm wearing tonight. The full effect!:

Flower: Claire's
Necklace: Vintage
Jacket: Ricki's
Embroidered Busiter: Suzy Shier
High Waisted Skirt and Belt: Le Chateau
Shoes: Le Chateau
Bag: Ricki's

Hope you have a great Saturday night! Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of my night!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Kitchen Dreams

Well, quite frankly this post has nothing to do with fashion. I am just as smitten with decorating as I am with fashion and living in my first home has had my mind racing with projects and improvements for the past 6 months (and maybe forever!!).
I am currently dreaming about updating our sad 70s kitchen with retro charm! Here's what we're starting with:

As you can see, my cupboards are quite ugly in their current state. My appliances however are on the newer side and white. Which is perfect! I don't really like stainless appliances and won't be buying any.
This spring/summer we'll be painting all the walls and cupboards. What colour ask you?  Well let me tell you!

Please Note: This is not my photo. I found it on a Google search because the colour samples on Behr's website look nothing like the actual paint colours! Shame on you Behr!!

My living room and hallway, as you've seen in previous outfit posts are the top colour: Asparagus. The kitchen wall colour will be the next one down: Scotland Isle. (Please note: this photo is showing the colours a little dark!) The bottom cupboards, doors and all will the the third colour from the top: Moss Landing. The top cupboards will be a crisp white.  I'm not using the bottom colour, It's too dark I think.

While painting the cupboard doors we'll be removing the old hardware, filling the center hole and drilling new ones in the bottom corner for new hardware.This is similar to the hardware we have picked out:

We decided to go very plain with a retro twist for budget's sake. I wanted glass, but I lost the battle to The Boy so I could get the floor I wanted: Classic Black and White Check!

I would also love that vintage stove, but that will never happen! I'll just be happy with my floor thank you!

I've also picked out a very similar light fixture to the one below at Home Depot to hang over the kitchen table. The one I've picked out is also brushed stainless steel with the adjustable pulley. It's also a great deal at $99!

The Boy is an ironworker and we love the idea of this well known black and white(to help tie in the floor of course!) picture taken in New York from the 30's hanging over the kitchen table.

La piece de resistance of my kitchen will be my kitchen table: It was a Christmas present from The Boy. It belonged to his opa and oma and had been sitting in thier laundry room. The chairs have been recovered, but I think the whole set is just perfect! I think the pink table will look great with the green, black and white in the rest of the kitchen.

You can see how bland my kitchen currently is here as well. That flooring is older than I am and has seen better days!! I can't wait to see it go!!

Here's a close up of the table top:

And a recovered chair. I was told the old vinyl matched the tabletop, but it was in bad condition. I think they're pretty spectacular anyway!


To tie the table into the rest of my kitchen I plan to accent the kitchen in various shades of pink and red. Some dishes on a shelf and a window curtain with a retro green and pink pattern (I have a vintage table cloth in my possesion that would be perfect, but I'm still not sure if I want to cannibalize it for drapes. We'll see what happens...)

So that's my soon to be kitchen! I'm pretty excited to have it all come together! I'm not, however, looking forward to all that painting, but I know it will be worth it in the end!

What about you? Do you have a retro kitchen? Or retro kitchen dreams like me?


Monday, February 8, 2010

Inspiration: Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I'm always a little (ok, maybe a lot!) behind when it comes to watching movies. What I'm trying to say is that I never seem to watch the movies I'm interested in when they premiere. I always get around to them WAY after.

For example: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I watched it this past weekend and it is by far one of the best movies I have seen in ages! (I have a boyfriend who thinks 40 Year Old Virgin and Billy Madison are the best movies ever made, so I don't usually get to watch any movies that may actually have won or have been nominated for an Oscar) I'm not re-capping the movie here, or anything like that, (click the link to read more about it on wikipedia) I just want to gush over the costume design for a bit with you!

 So beautiful! I am a little more in love with Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton after watching this movie! They both look so gorgeous! Their costumes and hair were impecable!
Not only that, but I'm thinking about watching (and by watching I mean fast forwarding and pausing) the movie again to check out their hair. Cate Blanchett's hair in this movie is period appropriate, yet very simple. Worth a second look and emulating in my books!

If you have not seen this movie, I recommend it! Just be sure to put aside 3 hours and a box of kleenex!

I would totally wear this outfit! Right down to the hat! LOVE IT! See what I mean about the hair? Very simple and doable, although we all know it's about the hat. Gotta love a good hat.

I read that this coat was designed and made specially for the movie (so don't go looking for one, sadly there aren't any). David Fincher (dir.) wanted something Cate could twirl in for this particular scene. So the costume designer, Jaqueline West designed this beautiful swing coat. Who knew redheads could wear yellow? Not me!

I tried in vain to get a better screenshot of the infamous red dress. Read an interesting article about it here.

Oh Tilda, how I do adore you! And that hat! She was just so stunning in this movie! She was the perfect mature antithesis to Cate Blanchett's Daisy. In attitude and dress!

Thanks for indulging me! Hope you all had a great day!

Lisa. xo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Outfits: Goods Things Come to Those Who Wait

I'm a brat. Remember this post where I had bad thrifting karma with the boys, only found one dress I liked, but didn't buy it because I didn't have any money?

Well Friday was payday and while out running errands I made The Boy drive me to Vintage Glory to see if that dress was still there...
So I walk in, go straight to the dress rack and sift through the dresses. It's not there...I'm bummed...I tell myself it wasn't meant to I talk to the owner Doug for a few minutes. While talking to Doug I look over casually at the dress rack and SEE THE DRESS!!! I guess someone had been trying it on while I walked in and deemed it not worthy to buy!! Well one girls trash is another girls treasure and I excused myself from my conversation with Doug (telling him I was a girl on a mission) and try on the dress. And it fit! And it's beautiful! It waited all week for me!

So here she is. She's not perfect (there are a few small tears in the skirt fabric and a couple small dark pin hole sized stains), but I love her anyway.

My barbie shoes

Bow Earrings: Ricki's
Denim Jacket: Randy River
50s/60s Turquiose Dress: Vintage Glory
Belt: from Aunt Mary
Tights: Indestructables
Hot Pink "Barbie" Pumps: Madeline (The Bay)

While I'm posting and I have your attention, I'd like to apologize for the drop off in Outfit posts. I've been working some crazy overtime at my new job and taking photos without natural light is not working well. So I've only been able to take quality photos on the weekends. Spring is hopefully on its way soon, so please bear with me until then!

Lisa. xo
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