Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Dress, Three Ways: LBD

I absolutely love this dress! I got it from The Boy's Auny Mary when she moved to an apartment in BC (My collection grew significantly when she moved). It is ultra comfortable and so chic and sexy! I feel like I could wear it anywhere! It's definitely my go to LBD!

#1: Green
Fur Hat: Vintage (bought at Costume Museum of Canada)
Necklace: from Mom
Green Cropped Cardigan: Le Chateau
Belt: Laura
Tights: Indestructables
 50's Spectator Pumps: Vintage (from Aunt Mary)

#2: Purple
Flower Brooch: (Worn as a Facinator) Ricki's
60's Rhinestone Earrings: From Grandma
Fur Collar: Thrifted
Patent Belt: Laura
Tights: Walmart
Shoes: Kenzie

#3: Red
Enamel Earrings: Ricki's Sample Sale
Red Patent Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Indestructables
Shoes: Le Chateau

A Note About the Chair: This is one of my best vintage finds EVER! I also own a matching couch. They were both bought at Value Village for $140! They're 20's. The cushions have springs and they are filled with hay! One day I plan on replacing the cushions (they're not that comfortable!) and recovering them in period appropriate fabric (the current fabric has had a run in with a cat and is not very pretty in spots).
The manager at Value Village wouldn't put them on hold for me while I secured a truck, so I sat on them for 2 hours and shoo'd people away while I found some way to take them home!

PS: See? I'm totally obsessed with fur right now! It's just too bad my office is WAY too hot to wear it....*sigh*

Photos taken by The Boy!

Lisa. xo

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Romantic Giveaway at Inky's!! Oh! Pick Me!

One of my vintage internet acquaintances, Inky is having a wonderful giveaway over at SHRINKY INKY'S FINE ADVENTURES!
It's in honour of Valentines Day.

Even if you poo-poo the holiday wouldn't you want to win this lovely stuff? I do! I especially like the beaded clutch! It's so lovely!

Lisa. xo

The Sartorialist Inspires Again!

OMG! There is just something "wow" about this woman. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with fur at the moment...

Can it be both?

This look is so chic to me...She looks like a million dollars...

Once again this photo has been borrowed from The Sartorialist without permission.

side note: Thank you to all my lovely readers who have been leaving me comments lately! Sometimes I feel like I send these posts out into the void and nobody reads them. It's nice to know you're out there! Thank you again! It always makes my day to hear from you all!

Lisa. xo

Friday, January 29, 2010

Shopping with the Boys

I went thrifting with my brother and his friend Luke this afternoon. This is the second time the three of us have gone out to hunt for treasures. 

I unfortunatly did not buy anything. There was one dress at Vintage Glory I liked, but I didn't try it on because frankly I can't afford it right now. I had originally intended to have a little cash in my pocket, but I recieved an enormous cell phone bill earlier this week and my conscience demanded I be a resonsible adult and pay it before I buy more clothes....*sigh* It's really not a big deal anyway, my thrifting karma was off today anyway and I really only found the one dress....maybe I'll see if The Boy will spot me $35 dollars till payday...hmm...thinking out loud...anyway...

Ah well...we had a lot of fun anyway! And the boys nabbed some good stuff.

We started our outing with a retro lunch at A&W. (If only it were summer, some of the A&W's in Winnipeg have car-hop service in the summer! Now THAT'S retro!)

My brother Matt (in the argyle) and Luke (not in argyle). Cheers!

First we hit Salvation Army.

Luke bought this shirt. I told him he should wear it GloBowling.

I wanted to take Matt (my brother) and Luke to Ruby Slipper since I had such good luck there last time, but they were closed!!

So we hit Vintage Glory instead.

Then we went to Ragpickers (I forgot to take photos in Rags...I was too busy trying on hats and talking to Kristin the owner...oops!)

Afterwards we had ourselves a little photoshoot:

Aren't they so cool?

And then we saw some Green Eggs and Ham! YUM!

I look kinda creepy in this photo. What can I say? I was kindof excited about Green Eggs and Ham...

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tutorial: How to Dye a Blazer (or some other piece of clothing) with RIT dye

Ever wanted to dye something another colour? Me too.
And I've never had the guts to try it for fear I would a) get dye all over something important (like my countertops) or b) ruin a piece of clothing.

Well today I got over that fear.

I've always wanted a cute black cropped canvas blazer. I cannot find one that I like well enough to buy. I do however have a cute cropped khaki blazer that I bougvht at Smart Set many years ago. A few weeks ago I was putting it on and thought "I wish I could find a blazer like this one in black" and it hit me that I would try to make it black. So I went out and bought a box of RIT dye.

This is my blazer before. Cute. I've had a lot of good wear out of this piece, but I felt it was time for a change.

Ok. Down to business...

To start you will need:

1. a washing machine (I think dying something without one could be very messy according to the website. I wouldn't try it. Also, washine machine not pictured!)
2. a glass or metal bowl or container to pre mix your dye.
3. something to stir your pre mixed dye with (I've chosen a plastic fork!)
4. box of RIT dye (next time I'd use 2 boxes for a darker colour)
5. rubber gloves (so I don't dye me!)
6. 2 cups of hot water

I cut open the box of dye to find the instructions and found them a little cryptic. So I found the RIT dye website and found the tips and instructions there much more helpful (why they wouldn't have the same exact instructions on the inside of the box I just don't know...).

For your convenience, I've copied them below. I followed the instructions exactly and was thrilled with the results!


Use this technique for maximum convenience and especially for large items.

Fill machine with enough hot water for fabric to move freely. Refer to the chart below for the right amount of dye to add. Pre-dissolve powder in 2 cups of hot water. Add pre-dissolved powder or liquid to hot dye bath.

1.Wet fabric in hot water. Uncrumple and add to dye bath.

2.Set machine for extended wash cycle. Fabric should be in dye bath for at least 30 minutes before rinse  begins. (You can reset your washing machine before the rinse cycle begins for extended wash cycle.)

3.Rinse in cold water until water runs clear. Wash deep shades in warm water with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly in cool water.

4.Dry item in dryer or hang to dry.

5.Clean washing machine using highest water level with hot water, detergent and 1 cup chlorine bleach using complete wash cycle. Clean lint traps. Plastic or rubber machine parts may be tinted but will not stain laundry.

As for washing your "new" piece, the RIT website recommends washing it by itself in cold water for the first few times and then washing it with like colours only. I would also recommend hanging it to dry as this will prolong the life of the colour.

Here is my blazer post dye and dry. It is, as you can see, not black. more charcoal. (I took this picture at night after I had worn the blazer to work-hence the flower pin-so it looks a little less crisp than the before picture) That is alright with me. I might just wear and wash it a few times and try to dye it again and see what happens (I'll post the results if I end up doing this.)

Side Note: you can kindof see my new haircut in this picture.

Well maybe better in this one:

So, post thoughts? I will definatly try this again! I'll be looking for things to experiment with at the thrift store next time I go and I will buying more colours of RIT dye to try! It was easy and fun!
I hope I've helped and aleviated some fears you may have had (like I did) about dying clothing (let's also remember I started out easy dying something 100% cotton black), but I would recommend this for anyone adventurous (or curious!) who has a make and mend attitude towards fashion.

Lisa. xo

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wishlist: Brogues!

They're all over Europe and been seen on fashionista feet everywhere! I want a pair of ladies flat brogues!!

These two pairs are just perfect! Two toned, black and white would be my preference. I'll for sure be buying a pair as soon as I can! I can already see the outfits I'd wear with them...

Brogues: Then and Now.

Do you own a pair of brogues? How do you wear them?

Lisa. xo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outfits: Classic OR Does This Outfit Make Me Look Taller?

I love this sweater!!! It makes me feel cheeky (as you can see in the pictures today!).

In fact I love this look in general. You just can't go wrong with a cardigan and some pearls. And I love this outfit even more because it is a little twist on the classic "cardigan and pearls" since the cardigan has giraffe print and the pearls have that great enamel flower detail on the side. SO GOOD!

Necklace: Le Chateau
Giraffe Print Cardigan: Joe
Lace Cami: Smart Set
Pants: Le Chateau
Black Satin Boots: The Bay

Oh, and that tall handsome fellow beside me is Milo Jerome Esq. the Third (long story, had to be there, don't ask...). I bought him at a kiosk full of African treasures. He asked me if he could come home with could I say no to that face?

Lisa. xo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thrify Goodness

As promised, here is my "Thrifty Goodness" post. Before I get started I feel that a small intro is in order...

The Boy and I are taking Dave to obedience training with Manitoba Search and Rescue (no he's not going to be a search and rescue dog, they just offer classes). Our classes happen to be just outside of Steinbach, so every week we drive out to the country.
Rural thrift shops just happen to be one of my favorite places to find amazing treasures at next to nothing prices, so heading out to the country every weekend has provided a few opportunities to check a few out.

Steinbach MCC Thrift Store
409 Main St. Steinbach MB
(204) 326-6642
* out of 5

Steinbach has a HUGE thrift store on Main St. And I've been dying to check it out. A few weeks ago The Boy and I managed to make it into town before they closed. I hate to say it, but I was pretty dissapointed. The store itself was expansive and organized very well, I will give them that. It was also very clean and the staff was helpful. As far as finding amazing treasures at next to nothing prices...well...this is where my dissapointment started. All of the vintage clothing items were not tucked away among the modern used clothes waiting to be discovered, but segregated into locked cases and put on seperate racks by the cash desk. This is all well and good I supposed, but it was the prices that really dissapointed me. Everything was (in my opinion) overpriced. I could stay in the city and shop at my favorite vintage stores and find better prices. On the other hand, The Boy and I did buy some housewares. And we had fun trying on funny hats, so that was good at least.

Niverville MCC Thrift Store
246 Main St
(204) 388-4404
*** out of 5
Last week The Boy said something astonishing to me...he said "Hey! While I was vistiting D. in Niverville I found another thrift store we can visit this weekend after dog training". I was floored! Had the thrifting bug bit The Boy?!? It sure had!! Hehe!
As we drove up to the thrift store in Niverville, I began to worry that we were about to experience deja vu as it was an MCC run store as well, but The Boy had faith and assured me that he thought this would be a good one. He was so right!! It was great! everything I love in a rural thrift store! Good prices, good finds, good fun! We almost bought an amazing 3 piece navy pinstripe suit for him, but it was a little big in the chest and my sewing skills do not include tailoring suits. We'll be visiting this one again for sure!!

Anyway, I've written too much already...let's get onto the goodies (all housewares and accessories, my usual thrift store finds)! When I laid everything out to photograph I realized that everything I'd bought was colour coded, so I took the photos that way. I've also included some stuff I bought here in the city at Value Village and Salvation Army a few weeks ago...Enjoy!

And just because I have to show them off, my new pair of mary janes I bought on sale this weekend (not vintage, but still good!):

I hope you had a great weekend!

Lisa. xo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Belated New Year (from the delinquent blogger!)!

 hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I sure did (it was so good I forgot to blog!)! Actually, I've been really busy; between the holidays and starting in my new position as an Assistant Buyer I've barely turned on my computer or the camera for that matter.
But I'm back! I've been busy thrifting my little heart out for the past few weeks (I've got a great post full of thrifty goodness for you tomorrow!) and got The Boy stuck on the thrifting in the process (more on that tomorrow)! Hehe!

This is an outfit I wore to work a few weeks ago, took pictures and never posted. See? I was thinking of you all, but again, never turned on the computer. Better late than never I say!


Earrings: Aldo Accessories
Emerald Boiled Wool Blazer: Vintage (Ragpickers. I also own the matching skirt, but it's so tiny.)
White Skinny Belt: Thrifted
Border Print Skirt: Ricki's
Tights: Awesome Indestructables
Suede Pumps: Thrifted (Town Shoes)

Check Back Tomorrow for my Thrifty Goodness post! (I've got a few reviews to include with this as well!)
It's good to be back!

Lisa. xo
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